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Discussion in 'Intermodal Trucking Forum' started by soon2betrucking, Jul 12, 2018.

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    hey all, lloooong time member here, been off of the forum for several years but back because i need real experienced advice, In Crandall Ga theyre about to open an inland port/rail yard that suppsed to remove 50,000 trucks off of Georgia roadways annually, they say its gonna be one the biggest ports that will transport freaight across the SE by train to the ports in Savannah, its set to open on Aug 1st, have already had TCW trucking move into the area with a new yard, and the latest news reports say other companies are preparing to move in the area....
    so my obvious question is ...... is there money to be made, and if so what kind and what kind of work is there to be done by pulling containers out of the rail yard, does anyone here have any exp. doing this with their own truck, im looking for insight, because it seems like it may be a pretty decent gig, but i simply dont know.... but with the word of other trucking companies about to open yards uto work the yards it makes me wonder what i may, or may not be possible missing out any insight would be great... thanks in advance guys!
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    I hate containers, but I see a lot out there. Some of the bigger companies have an intermodal division. What I can't understand is why Ga. Doesn't have a bypass from 85 over to 75. It would help their traffic situation.
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