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    Nov 17, 2013
    Today Mike Gerdin CEO of Heartland Express and GTI made a significant investment in the future of their drivers, and made a groundbreaking move to try to raise the bar for driver pay in the whole industry. He combined the best features from the Heartland and the GTI pay packages and increased the overall pay of both.

    Drivers received a raise effective Nov. 1. First, every division received an increase in the base mileage rate. Depending on years of experience it could as much as .085 CPM (as much as 18% increase). The pay scale was also expanded so that drivers will get an automatic increase each and every year up to 20 years (it was 7 before for Heartland drivers). This raise puts many of their senior drivers over .62 CPM with hazmat and green mile pay.

    They also added Green Mile pay to the GTI pay package (additional .04 CPM for any miles driven in the Northeast, north of MD and East of I81).

    They also added an additional Short Haul pay to the Heartland pay package to make up for some of the shorter mile loads. This is new to the Heartland pay package.

    Orientation pay was added/increased.

    They added Detention pay as a feature to the Heartland package and increased it for both Heartland and GTI drivers to begin paying detention after just (1) hour, almost unheard of in the industry. This is new to the Heartland pay package.

    They increased the weekly pay for salary based drivers by as much as 21% increase depending on the area of the country.

    They added an additional .04 CPM for any miles driven in Canada as well as additional pay just for crossing the border.

    They tripled the top safety bonus to up to .03 CPM added to the base pay.

    They added TC temperature control pay of an additional .02 CPM for Heartland drivers.

    They added an additional .01 CPM for having hazmat endorsement for GTI drivers.

    Also refresher pay, breakdown pay, layover pay, and metro pay were all increased.
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    Sep 3, 2010
    I would say Heartland had to do something. They treat their drivers like garbage (or did).
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    Nov 8, 2009
    The Highway To Hell.
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    This is all smoke and mirrors. They have already figured out how not to pay it, its called a sliding pay scale. Its a carrot on a string, companies don't change there colors.
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    Jun 10, 2007
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    I actually got a call from a division manager from Heartland today, that I have met and talked to several times in the past.
    Going by what all they are changing it should make a real difference in pay, especially for long time drivers with the company. But also with drivers that have allot of experience, since now the half a cent raise per year of experience does not cap till 20 years. That is a full 10 cpm difference, not a bad amount on a starting rate, or over time rate.
    Also they have added in detention pay, which heartland never use to pay. But now it is 15 bucks an hour after the first hour. paid on the 1/4 hour.
    Also safety bonus goes up from 1 cpm to 3 cpm after 3 years. One cent per year, still paid only once per year, but a massive difference for drivers with some time with them.

    Perfect? maybe not.
    But it is a real big step for a large carrier to add as much as they have to payroll in a short period of time.
    Some are saying smoke and mirrors. I don't know, time and drivers that are with them will tell that story. I am not with them, have not been for most of a year. But still nice to see them trying.
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    Jul 20, 2013
    I'm sure this is a desperate Hail Mary pass to stop the profuse bleeding of good, experienced drivers. I do know of one driver that was looking to leave until they managed to extract their collective heads out of their collective arses. No doubt their corporate culture remains. Rest assured those glossy employee newsletters celebrating drivers who never take vacations and the self-congratulatory touts when obscure "Heartland wins best on-time delivery of Walmart Shampoo" awards are breathlessly announced will continue to be forthcoming to be scoffed at and mocked.

    Of course, that petty cretin, Mark C still runs the Phoenix terminal. The stories abound in regards to that little buffoon. Heartland adores him, of course; he makes them money. That it comes via a few dubious methods should worry Iowa, but it won't until it bites them hard. Wonder if they know that he forces drivers to make deliveries for free if they are local and originate and end at the Phoenix yard? I'm sure they've been told, as they have been told a plethora of unsavory things about him, and they choose to ignore.

    So glad Mr. Parts is out of there. Even with the revamping of pay, he still makes more, and is treated FAR better, with his new employer.
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    For anyone who doesn't already know, HOAT (Heart of a Trucker), the OP, admits to being Heartland management. For what it's worth...
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    Jul 20, 2013
    I'm thinking it's fairly obvious. That post is so laden with BS corporate jargon ("significant investment" & "made a groundbreaking move to try to raise the bar") that if you put it in a bag it would sink to the bottom of the ocean.

    On the other hand, I am glad they FINALLY did SOMETHING as they were becoming a laughing stock in regards to compensation. It's a long time in coming. Especially for their best and loyal drivers whom Heartland doesn't deserve.
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    Jun 19, 2009
    So let us all hear from some of you new drivers that have decided to try out Heartland Express with its new pay package.
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    Jun 10, 2007
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    I talked to one about it last week, that was delivering at my company. He has been with the company for 6 years, and is a system OTR driver. He said that he noticed a slight uptick on his pay, but miles were down a little. So needed more time to make a really good determination.
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