New York City traffic tickets the inside scoop

Discussion in 'Experienced Truckers' Advice' started by rabbiporkchop, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. bzinger

    bzinger Road Train Member

    Dec 10, 2014
    omaha , ne
    In 2005 I hit an uccupied new ford Taurus just off Atlantic ave in Brooklyn pretty much destroying it with my trailer .
    It was illegally parked with NJ dealer tags and barely scratched my trailer .
    I coulndt even get the cops to come out and was getting ready to leave when an unmarked detective car just happened by and I waved him down .
    He was very unconcerned about the totaled Taurus being illegally parked and said he would just have it towed and I could just be on my way .
    I still haven't heard anything lol
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  3. rabbiporkchop

    rabbiporkchop Road Train Member

    Feb 9, 2012
    Wapwallopen, Pa
    The court date was today and it looks like the attorney managed to get two of the tickets thrown out and all I have to do is pay $138 fine for disobeying a traffic control device.
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  4. starmac

    starmac Road Train Member

    Apr 11, 2019
    Fairbanks Ak
    When I was 18 I got locked up for wreckless driving in New Mexico. I already had a few tickets and that one was going to get my license suspended. I took a day off work and drove to clovis, fully expecting to lose my license. There was no judge, they told me he took the day off to go fishing, get that fishing. In my weird way of looking at things I thought they should throw it out, but no they gave me a new court date and told me to come back. I told them I had taken off work and would not do it again and would not be coming back

    I walked across the street, to he highest priced criminal lawyer in he state, and ask if he could beat the deal. He laughed and said he could without a doubt. So I ask how much and he told me 50 bucks, now this was in 1976, but even then he worked by the thousands, I doubt he had ever taken anything for 50 bucks. lol
    Anyway I habded him 50 bucks and left. He called a few days later and old me to go pick up my bond money.
    When I did and got the paper work, it was dropped 2 days before I had committed the act and that date was 2 days before they caught and arrested me. lol
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  5. FoolsErrand

    FoolsErrand Road Train Member

    Sep 15, 2017
    NY only sends you a plea bargain offer when they are fully in the wrong and at risk of civil suit.

    My plea bargain was like 2 full pages of fine print. What i was pleading to wasnt a single word.. It was a #### code. They said the code was for parking violation but it could have been for anything. All the rest of the print was a release of all liability of all state workers involved. You want to keep your license? Give us blanket immunity first, forever.
  6. wis bang

    wis bang Road Train Member

    Jan 12, 2011
    Levittown, PA
    Too much crap going on in the city.

    Had off truck route tickets tha never came to court, never showed up in their computer system. The Big Apple can be a real circus.

    Watch out for Long Island. Suffolk County sets, early to catch the early birds hoping to sneak thru, up on places like Sunrise Highway, pulling every truck into a shopping center parking lot.

    The driver has to go to court. If you want to fight as a company, the DA offers a Corporate Convergence and says have your lawyers much for trying to deal with a broken spring on my trailer!

    Came back with the driver. He gets in the line of, mostly graffiti covered 6 wheel drivers from the city, waiting to see the prosecutor.

    I stand by the door and listen. Every guy there has a laundry list of tickets, one for each light bulb, etc. The prosecutor offers to dismiss all but one out of service [like a brake light] if he will plead guilty to that one offense.

    Into court, CRIMINAL COURT, where the driver stands with a local attorney before the judge, hand on the bible swearing to tell the truth and pleads guilty and receives a stiff fine. In between there were non-truckers; many who couldn't do bail and were fitted for matching chrome bracelets as they were marched out...

    Get to the window, lady wants cash or credit and wasn't going to take a company check. Looking at her copy she sees my letter on company letterhead asking to process, if possible, this all by mail [never answered and you can't find a telephone number] so she decided to take the check as it matched the letterhead....Phew.

    I don't want to go thru that again!
  7. FoolsErrand

    FoolsErrand Road Train Member

    Sep 15, 2017
    Oh yeah its a well lubed money racket up there
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