Newbie with ODD Questions - Outsider Looking In... Who Owns the Trailer?

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by thelongdrive, Jul 4, 2019.

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    I've seen ads on trailers, not that many. You have to consider who's advertising considering the trailer runs all over the USA, right ? Also , the cost to install the banner, it ain't cheap. Then, what about removal of said banner if the contract is broken at some point ? And, the advertiser wants to know his ad is out there 24/7 getting attention. It's hard to calculate how much business this ad is bringing in, right ?
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    Thanks for the reply!

    I would think that internet-businesses would fair the best on trucks that run all over America.

    - Cost to install banner / vinyl / sticker shouldn't be too bad, but it'll be highly determined by size of the ad. (I know a small bit about vinyl to cars). I would assume that the cost here would be incurred by the advertiser. The trucker shouldn't have to pay any $ here other than (time) to let the ad be put on the trailer.

    - In terms of contract being broken, I can see simple online form-mechanisms that allow each trucker to upload photos / data proof that can confirm distance / driving. Now... obviously if they are only night-driving that brings in a new variable...

    - Calculating how much business it brings in is very hard for (internet-businesses) that use physical advertising in real time. There is only the ability to measure change in current state of business and (next-state) of business (post advertising campaign created). Measuring this over time would be best. Probably 90+ days type of thing.

    I would think that one of the real questions is how much to pay a trucker to put on an ad on their truck?

    What would be your price, sir... for say... pretty significantly-sized ad on your trailer? Let's say... it takes up half the side.
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    Ive seen cars covered in wrap or decaling to the point that the monthly payment on them is taken care of by the advertising. It's eh...

    You would find that some rigs haul high dollar loads and the plain they look with very little markings on them to blend in and attract no notice is a form of defense against those who would predatory on it. Some loads Ive hauled, it's worth our life to be killed for say a million in hospital IV narcotics. Be no trouble at all and such a loss.

    That's why my position is what it is.

    Now if you can maybe talk to say a carrier with 200 trucks hauling food, and advertise food in decals tied to say the shippers of same for example Strawberries shipped from the farm. People see that and want some and something will strike them to hunt for that particular strawberry sourced there.
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    Answer to all is simple, It all depends. Yes and no to every question.
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    Americans are bombarded with advertising from the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep. There is no need for rolling billboards when there are millions of them lining every road that sees more than 2 cars a day. Some of the most beautiful scenery is marred with advertising. Take a drive through Missouri sometime. There is no way I would ever allow that sort of thing on my trailer, period.
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