No camera & home every week?

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by Mark_2wain, Aug 28, 2020.

  1. Mark_2wain

    Mark_2wain Light Load Member

    Oct 15, 2016
    Thanks for the input. How's the pay?
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  3. Nukem

    Nukem Road Train Member

    May 11, 2014
    Virginia Beach, VA
    Starts out at .46 (I THINK) but don't quote me. There is more on the website, but since I am not a recruiter, I'll let you figure that out. But they are really not that bad of a starter company. I have a great dispatcher, and get treated fairly. So I guess I'm lucky. I've been with them 6 years now, and always window shop at the other options, but haven't found the greener grass, so-to-speak. There are some that will swear off Averitt as a crap-hole and the worst place to work. I have seen and talked to some of the supposed "dispatchers" that are there, and they can't find a way out of a paper bag with a map and compass. If you have an open mind about a company (ANY company) you will find it makes for an easier start. And if after as certain time, it doesn't work out then so be it. Move on.

    Everyone's situation/needs are different, so please look at ALL your options. I do also know that right in that general area of Fisherville, there is a UPS and FEDEX yard as well, so if you want to run LTL, line-haul, etc... they may be a good option. But if you want a smaller company, there is no one better than Chinatown, unless they work there. LOL

    But if you haver any more specific questions, please feel free to PM me and I'll try my best to answer them.
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  4. Canadianhauler21

    Canadianhauler21 Heavy Load Member

    May 15, 2017
    My current company has cameras too. I had mine covered for 2 months before the insurance company did a random audit and dinged me for it. Covered it again, another audit in about 2 months time.
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  5. Lazer

    Lazer Road Train Member

    Jan 22, 2017
    Sun Coast Resources
  6. Dennixx

    Dennixx Road Train Member

    Feb 13, 2010
    twin cities
    Had cameras for about the last 5 years.
    I find as my salary increases my aversion to them diminishes.

    BIGLEFTYINTX Light Load Member

    Nov 20, 2017
    Marten transport has road facing camera. No driver facing. They have dedicated account s that get you home weekends
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  8. lovesthedrive

    lovesthedrive R.I.P.

    Nov 11, 2008
    Sorrento Maine
    Personally I would recomend having the camera. The idiots out there are worse than ever. No camera and you have no proof to say your not to blame.
  9. Marquis31408

    Marquis31408 Bobtail Member

    Aug 30, 2020
    What's your aversion towards cameras, fam? I felt kind of iffy when USA Truck put the 2 way camera system inside of their trucks during my stint there. My disdain for the system slowly dissipated once I realized that the driver is constantly under surveillance while behind the wheel. I actually seen it as advantage that the company allowed the driver to manually record events when he/she wanted safety to see what was going on around the truck. I wish JB Hunt had that feature in their trucks .
  10. MACK E-6

    MACK E-6 Moderator Staff Member

    Sep 19, 2005
    Baltimore, MD
    Facing out, yes.

    Facing in only provides ammunition for the lawyer representing the other side.
  11. Marquis31408

    Marquis31408 Bobtail Member

    Aug 30, 2020
    You shouldn't fear the cams looking in on you behind the wheel if you're a safe driver. Some companies want to know the reason why an incident occurs. If the driver rolled the vehicle over while masturbating behind the wheel, the company deserves to archive the footage. If I'm totally attentive when an event declaration is triggered, then they cant say that I was distracted.
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