O/O's: My experience with Double Coin Tires and fuel mileage

Discussion in 'Experienced Truckers' Advice' started by twolane, Dec 19, 2010.

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    Michelin is French, Continental is German, but I have no idea where all they manufacture tires.
  2. blackw900

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    Jul 12, 2009

    Funny....I always thought it was french.

    Why yes....Yes they are.

    I run Firestones and Generals for the most part...I do have 4 Roadmasters (chinese) on my trailer that are holding up pretty well.

    There's a HUGE difference between the products that come from Canada and the crap that comes from China, Korea and the rest of that area of the world.

    This is your opinion...Many of us disagree! When I bought my trailer, It had Double Coin tires on it, They were JUNK! I couldn't figure out why the truck would "chatter" at some highway speeds when I first got it...I found out when the things wore out (really fast) and I put Generals on, The "chatter" went away.
    Another leaser at the same company that I pull for "cheaped out" and put a set of Double Coins on his drives...He said that the best thing about them was that they wore out so fast and he was able to get rid of them and the "chatter" that developed when he put them on.

    I'll stick with my Firestones and Generals...I don't know if the warranty is as good or better than the warranty on the Double Coin tires because I've never had to use the warranty on either of these brands.

    Good for you....Share your "real world experience" as much as you like, But it seems that when someone else has a different "real world" experience than you do, You "freak out" and get all defensive about it!
    I'm trying to save someone from buying an inferior product based on my "real world" experience with them.
    I think Double Coin tires are JUNK and I wouldn't put then on a wheelbarrow.
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  3. twolane

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    Dec 16, 2010
    I'm not the one "freaking out", & I don't wanna argue with ya either. ( but I will ! ;) )
    I started this thread trying to share what I've learned about these tires.
    If you have an oppinion based on experience (which I doubt) give me the details and I'll go buy a set (10) and try em.
    Oppinions varry alot but I wouldn't have a Firestone up my ##### if there was room for a truck load of em! The ones I bought at a Petro in Texas took 15-20 oz.of weight to ballance, & were not ROUND on the ballance machine.(The Firestones I have on an NPR Isuzu bounce like a baskettball and they too have centramatics backing them up!) I made them take them off my wheels, and put on a set of Bridgestones which costed twice as much as a D/Coin
    Do whatcha want and have a great day Sir! Firestones IMO are junk & I don't care if they were made on Mars! Wouldn't have one on my truck if they were free.

    BTW, I thought that Michelin was a GERMAN company originally. My bad...sorry! My point is that no matter where somethings made has little to do with it! Good is good & bad is bad JMO.<that stands for "just my oppinion" . ;)
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    Dec 16, 2010
    I can quote me too! . WOW!
    I'm impressed with your comments & quotes of me!!......really!,,, I impress easy tho so don't let it go to yer haed.

    1st. truck was a (70) model Western Star (made in canada)
    2nd. was a (78) CL-9000 COE (made by FORD in AMERICA)
    3rd. was a (80) R-model MACK (made in Canada)
    4th. was a new (85) 9670 int. (don't know)
    5th. was a used Freightliner (97) (made in AMERICA)
    6th. was another 9670 COE 9(84)and still don't know
    7th. was another Freightliner (97) (made in AMERICA)
    8th. was a new 9900i international (2000 made in canada)
    9th,,,FTL,(2004) this truck has more metric nuts-n-bolts than a guy could shake a stick at! Where was this SOB made? No clue but I bet wasn't Portland.

    Yer peterbilt/kenworth? who knows?
    Fact is that most of it was made in mexico/canada,,,same, same. No dfifferance.
    Point is thay where someting is made doesn't matter. It's about qualiuty, & price.

    Get a grip!
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  5. Krooser

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    Jul 25, 2010
    Where it's made matters to the guy who's job went to China.... and it matters to me, too.

    I had a 'Roadmaster' trailer tire blow two nights ago on a company wagon... it was a pretty new tire. Had about 80% tread left... they didn't save any $$$ on that purchase.
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  6. Pedigreed Bulldog

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    May 7, 2011
    Every Michelin tire I've ever bought, whether for my Mack or my motorcycle, has had "Made in USA" on the sidewall. I've never had a problem with any of them, either. They mount up easily, set the bead effortlessly, don't require extra weights to get them balanced, and the cases are still worth a good chunk of change after they've been capped a couple times.

    Quality comes at a price...and you'll never find chinacrap tires (or anything else, if I can help it) on my truck.
  7. Krooser

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    Jul 25, 2010
    I really had to swallow my pride to go out and buy my first Michelins...

    I was expediting with a '95 Ford E350. I had Goodyear then BF Goodrich tires on the rear but they just couldn't take the loads I was hauling (3500#'s in a van is kinda heavy at 75 MPH). So, after I blew TWO BF's on a load to Des Moines, I pulled into Sam's Club in Bettendorf, IA and installed four fresh Michelin's.... never had a tire problem after that. I had blown about seven tires in 9 months before the switch.

    When I got back into big trucks in '01 Mercer had such a good national account price that it would have been dumb to pay nearly the same price for Continental, Yokohama or Kelly tires when Michelin and Bridgestones were just a few dollars more.

    I put a set of Bridgestone R195's on my Talbert flatbed but had a couple of failures that I really couldn't explain. Then I sold that to buy the Chaparral from my son and it had Michelin XZE's on it...
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    Did ya ever think that your NPR Isuzu bounces like a basketball because it is one? biggrin 25525
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    Mar 20, 2010
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    my company truck has Double Coins on all 8 drives. have not had a problem with them at all, and i am at about 5/32nds on them now and i will run them a little while longer before asking the shop to change them. i have a new set ready for my tractor when i want them, but hey, they are still legal and i have no issues with them at all. besides, the next set arent DCs :(
  10. Double Coin Service

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    May 25, 2011
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    Hey Truckers...Double Coin Tire here...glad that there are a lot of questions on our truck tires.

    In response to BlackW900, we have a industry accepted warranty available at over 1,000+ points of sale in North America. You also can visit our website (doublecoin-us.com) to download the printed version or check for a dealer in your area.

    Look at the 50% free replacement clauses in the warranty. We back up our products second to none.

    We would like to further investigate the chatter problem experienced when using Double Coin in the past. We have a very low warranty rate for the product line as a whole but that doesn't mean that every tire is 100% perfect. But we constantly strive for 100% customer satisfaction.
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