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Discussion in 'Old Dominion' started by 101driver, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. jaiart

    jaiart Light Load Member

    Jan 24, 2013
    I see OD Trucks in Metro Det all the time but I don't see a terminal on the company website. Anyone have info on where the closest terminal to Metro Detroit is?
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  3. Tricky Rick

    Tricky Rick Light Load Member

    Oct 25, 2010
    Northwest Mississippi
    1310 E. Big Beaver Road Troy, Michigan 48083 248-457-0498 866-333-0335 Manager John Westendorf More info go to odfl.com.
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  4. pandaboi

    pandaboi Bobtail Member

    May 29, 2012
    Columbia, SC
    What's the minimum requirements to work for OD? Any endorsement requirement?
  5. jaiart

    jaiart Light Load Member

    Jan 24, 2013

    [h=1]Employment: Drivers: Pickup and Delivery Drivers Job Description[/h] [h=2]Eligibility Requirements For Pickup And Delivery Drivers:[/h]
    1. Must have the ability to read, write, speak English and perform simple mathematical calculations with general mental abilities to handle receipts, read maps, road signs, maintain logs, etc.
    2. Must possess a valid commercial driver's license with hazardous materials and twin/triple trailer endorsements.
    3. Must have an acceptable motor vehicle record.
    4. Must have 12 months previous tractor-trailer driving experience and/or be a graduate of a State Certified, Licensed and Safety Department approved driving school, and/or have satisfactorily completed the Old Dominion Truck Driver Training school (ODTDT-8/88)
    5. Must have the ability to properly operate hand held mini-computer when required.
    6. Must have good oral communications skills.
    7. Must be able to follow instructions and take directions via two-way radio or by phone.
    8. Must have working knowledge of vehicle safety and control systems.
    9. Must have knowledge of DOT regulations governing safe driving, hours of service, inspection, and maintenance, and transportation of hazardous materials.
    10. Must meet or exceed the medical standards of the U.S. Dept. of Transportation.
    11. Must satisfactorily pass a drug test.
    12. Must satisfactorily pass an alcohol test (if applicable).
    13. Must satisfactorily pass the orientation/training program instructions by an Old Dominion qualified driver trainer.
    14. Must be at least 22 years of age.
    [h=2]Physical requirements for Pickup and Delivery drivers:[/h]
    1. Must be able to sit and remain alert while driving for an aggregate period of up to 11 hours.
    2. Must be able to shift manual transmission and operate foot pedals.
    3. Must be able to perform frequent squatting to handle, position and secure freight.
    4. Must be able to perform frequent crouching to hand, position, and secure freight.
    5. Must be able to enter and exit the vehicle's cab as many as 45 times a day or more. Cab floor level is generally from 36 to 66 inches above ground level, with entry and exit achieved with the assistance of various configurations of steps and hand holds; also requires frequent bending, twisting, climbing, squatting, crouching, and balancing.
    6. Must be able to perform frequent pushing of freight weighing up to 500 pounds on a dolly or cart as well as occasional pushing of freight weighing more than 300 pounds with or without a mechanical aid.
    7. Must be able to perform frequent pulling of freight weighing up to 500 pounds on a dolly or cart as well as occasional pulling of freight weighing more than 300 pounds with or without mechanical aid.
    8. Must be able to frequently perform carrying freight weighing up to 100 pounds of varying size and shape a distance of at least 1 foot but usually no more than 100 feet.
    9. Must be able to frequently reach for freight at waist level and frequently reach for freight above shoulder height or below waist level.
    10. Must be able to occasionally reach above shoulder level, at waist level and below waist level for maneuvering and directing the controls to operate the truck.
    11. Must be able to frequently load and unload full trailers of freight weighing as much as 50,000 pounds. This could involve moving 100 pound containers to and from floor level to carts, stacks, conveyors or platforms, over four feet high, balancing 300 pound drums on their rims and rolling them into position or stowing cartons or other merchandise overhead that weigh as much as 100 pounds each. This type of activity could precede or follow as much as 11 hours of driving.
    12. Must be able to install and remove tire chains when required due to inclement weather.
    13. Must be able to spend at least 50% of the day standing and 50% of the walking on surfaces such as concrete, wood and metal, and sometimes on slippery and wet surfaces.
    14. Must be able to hook/unhook various commercial vehicle combinations, manually lower and raise landing gear, operate the fifth wheel release lever, lock and release pintle-hooks, attach and release safety chains, open and close cargo doors, climb into and off of vehicles, fuel vehicles and check engine oil and coolant levels.
    15. Must satisfactorily pass any physical testing requirements, which is consistent with the job requirements discussed above.
  6. cellopudding

    cellopudding Light Load Member

    Apr 22, 2013
    Indianapolis, IN
    I walked into the Indianapolis terminal a few days ago, and was told that as soon as I get my CDL with doubles and hazmat, to apply. Sounds like things are very promising at the Indy terminal in terms of freight volume! I'll let everyone know how things go in August after I get my CDL.
  7. Blue67

    Blue67 Bobtail Member

    Mar 28, 2013
  8. WickedGoat

    WickedGoat Bobtail Member

    Feb 2, 2012
    East Coast
    I worked for ODFL from 2000-2006. Thinking of making a comeback. Any of you Missouri guys that can elaborate on what it is like to work for them in MO? I left on good terms and have been in contact with the terminal I worked at and was told I would get a seal of approval. Based on the terminal's needs, I can't decide if P&D or linehaul would be better for me.
  9. crazystalin

    crazystalin Light Load Member

    Feb 5, 2013
    I have question. I did app and interview with od in Greensboro nc. Was setup to do drug and physical following monday. On Thursday get call from manager saying "we decided to go another route and canceled drug and physical. Wil kep app on file."I know they were looking for only 4-6 drivers. Does that mean they didn't like my app or just hit number of drivers they needed? Was strange. I thought all was good. Clean dac n mvr plus experience with doubles. Any thoughts.
  10. twm

    twm Bobtail Member

    Aug 24, 2013
    I start the process this coming monday at OD whitepine tn. I was going to enroll at a trucking school, but have a friend that has been with OD 12 years, and he's got my foot in the door. As a trainer to my understanding I will work on the dock, and do whatever they tell me and in the process get my CDL through OD. But if I make it through all the training, and all is well, I have to team up for one year with another driver, before I am consider for a single truck. So I hope all goes well monday, and I will post monday. twm - tn
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