Off to greener pastures, is OTR heading over .60vpm? Going rate

Discussion in 'Experienced Truckers' Advice' started by Lennythedriver, Nov 5, 2020.

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    I totally get you and completely agree. However, I'm kinda an exception to much of that because of my particular situation and desire. First off, I'm 60 years old with about 6 & 1/2 years until I completely retire. I am already semi-retired with some pension annuity income, just not quite enough, given my income demands. When I completely retire at 67, the rest of my retirement stuff kicks in and probably by then my income demands will also be less. I was an electronics technician for 15 years and a cartographer for about 23 years. One of the downsides of my last job (same job for 23 years), was the routine and lack of diversity. It was a great job, doing something worth doing, working for great people at a great place to work with more job security than most. However, when I got to the point I 'could' retire and walk away with income for life I did. I really needed to simply take some time off (I took a little over a year off), so first I did that. But, couldn't afford to take off and completely retire just yet. I needed to do something. The idea of becoming a truck driver had been pinging around for several years and of the different options available to me, this is what bubbled up to the surface and what I went for. At present, all my stuff is sitting in a storage unit. Anyway, because I am semi-retired and have some income coming in, I do not have to be aggressive about getting miles. It is easier for me to be able to just go with the flow of things and enjoy what is in front of me to enjoy, be it driving or sitting. It is all part of this adventure I'm on.
    My legal physical address is actually my daughter's house. I stop by there when I do take hometime to visit her, my other kids and my Significant Other (technically she is my ex-wife, but she's actually still the best honest and genuine friend I've ever had) and pick up my mail. Sometimes I visit my stuff in storage. Anyway, this truck driving career of traipsing around the country I look at as only temporary. I do plan on doing this till I'm 67 and retire. But, I'm old enough to know that it will pass and can accept both the benefits and consequences of it.
    I still love to drive. I always have. There is just a zen quality to it. I also like to be by myself (really helps alot since covid19 has changed some things). I'm the only person I know that actually considers thinking a hobby. I enjoy to just sit and think. Driving all day I get to sit and think quite a bit. I also love to travel around. Always have. I used to get to intermittently travel at my last job (usually airplane, hotel and rental car stuff for a day up to about 2 weeks at a time). Others I worked with would sometimes complain about having to go travel and I never got it. Never grew tired of it and even though things are different in a truck, I am still not tired of it. Just something about being in motion appeals to me inside. I get a kick out of waking up in my truck and having to think a minute about what State I'm in. So far I think the biggest inconvenience living in a truck is the lack of a sink. I also miss daily espressos. Personally, I'd rather have an espresso than a cup of coffee if given the option (I've seriously thought about getting some kind of espresso machine I can have in my truck. I haven't come up with anything I think workable enough to try).
    In the end, this is mostly an adventure to me. I'm lucky enough that I'm able to be more flexible than many and take what comes as it does and enjoy it as part of it all. I'm also a patient person and that helps alot too.
    If this was my only income and I had a wife and kids to support and I was going to be doing this long enough that I'd have to consider it my career. I probably wouldn't be as easy going about it all and be more aggressive about the money I make.
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