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  1. vawannebe

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    Jun 20, 2009
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    I have 2 old Dui's 3 months apart in 1989. They are in separate states and I didn't face the music for either one. I learned my lesson and gave up drinking long ago. I have been a local driver for many years now in a totally different state, but I would like to get my Cdl and go over the road and then maybe go back to local Tractor trailer. I contacted the DMV in one of the states where I got my first Dui, and they told me there was nothing about it on my record, but I'm still skeptical. The instructor at the driving school told me the offenses are very old and with a clean record since i should be ok. Any input about this will help me very much. I really would like to go over the road for a spell since my job i have now as a driver has become stale. I know some companies will not allow drivers with 2 Dui's, but they are very old, and I am a different person than I was in 1989.
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    Oct 18, 2008
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    get copies of your mvr from each state.........if they do not show on there then you should be ok......
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    What have you got currently, a Class A ? Didn't face the music..you were charged but not convicted? After this length of time you *should* be okay. I really do hope you are a different person now. A DUI is a lot worse these days than 1989. One DUI now will haunt you for many, many years and most likely end your career completely.
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    Sep 3, 2010
    Some carriers will accept a driver who has a DUI that is at least 10 years old. Most will only pull a MVR for the last 3 years. Some will pull a criminal history. You may want to check with your local sheriff or police and get them to pull a nationwide criminal history. That should tell you what is on your record. As a heads up, Canada usually looks at a DUI as a felony. You can get a Canadian pardon (I don't remember what they call it). But, in any case you should make sure to stay out of Canada or from a carrier that requires you to go into the country.
  5. AZS

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    Over 10 years is almost like it didn't happen but you should tell them regardless. Good for you for straightening out too.
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    They are over 20 years old. You should be ok. Your absolute best bet is going to be to start calling around to different companies and asking. I wouldn't lie about it especially to the larger companies they do pretty extensive backgrounds. You should be fine anyway. Good luck!
  7. GasHauler

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    There's too many holes in your story to give good advice. You say you never faced the music. What happened on that. If you were found Not Guilty then you're ok but we do really need more to help you. Whatever you do don't lie on your job application.
  8. vawannebe

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    chesapeake va.
    What I mean't by didn't face the music is I left the state and didn't go to court in either case.
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    you may have warrants !!!!!!!!!!
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    wow. trucking isn't going to save you.
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