Overweight Violations

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    No, it won't go on your MVR, but it WILL go on your CSA profile, and that's just as bad, if not worse.
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    It goes to the CSA 2010 recored only if you get a DOT Driver/Vehicle Inspection completed. That is the only source document for non accident information.
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    Right, but it looks like they're doing the driver inspection form during ANY contact they have with you..
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    Having just received a violation for being 500 over on drives (no ticket) I have been looking for any place in the CSA scoring that gives points to me or my carrier (one in the same). I have looked all the lists and have not found any place that assigns points for this. Anyone can anyone claiming points are added for this point me to a location (official site) that says this. I assumed it would but can't find anything saying it and several sources that have reviewed CSA saying it doesn't apply.
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    FYI overweight tickets can show up on a MVR.

    I have 2 from califoria, issued about 8 years ago................
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    Please see post #35 on page 4 of this thread...click on the first link...no CSA points for an overweight violation.
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    Couple of things.

    Yes because the tanker driver is (or should be told) to only load ==,===. When he leaves for a route they have a pretty good idea of the weight he is picking up. A dairy wont vary much on a pickup unless changes have happened and the farmer will call coop and notify them. If he get's to a farm and is going to be close he can call dispatch and have another truck pick it up.

    We went through this with Tampa Independent, Florida Farmers, and SMI. After the farmers figured out what it was costing us we hired people that could dispatch without costing us penalties.

    Weights are guess' at a farm anyway. That stick is calibrated but fat content, cooling, and other factors can be off enough that if your maxing out weight capacity you could be off.

    And he only has to take it all on small farms. Multi tank farms can top off tankers needing a few thousand lbs. All milk must be picked up within 48 hours of the first milk hitting the tank or some such thing (memory is hazy on that but it must be picked up every 48 hours minimum even if tank is 1/2 full). As long as he pulls samples of every partial in that tank how or why would they care what was left? Unless they had no method of washing pump between pumpings.

    Cattle haulers pull the same crap. Make excuses for mistakes that are avoidable.

    Now a milk yanker will always want a full tank because they are easier to drive, but there are ways around the situation that will avoid overweights.
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    Hi everyone. My honey is hauling a load from CO to KS and he's HEAVY. :biggrin_25526:
    He wanted me to check on the forums to see what the KS bridge-law requirements are for his load. I've found that for 5-axles, the max weight allowed is 34,000 (tandams) & 20,000 on single (steers). He's pulling about 43,600 and had to slide his trailer waaaaaaay out to scale in Colorado.

    Does anyone know the max distance between the rear trailer axle & the kingpin? He's wondering if he's gonna have to man-handle that sucker to slide it back.

    Can ya'll help me out here so I can relay the info?

    Much obliged!:biggrin_25514:

    Nunu in the Rockin' chair
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    Never mind. Honey called dispatch and they told him no bridge law. If he finds out different, the dispatcher will be notified.
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