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Discussion in 'Ask An Owner Operator' started by Quidd, Nov 26, 2018.

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    Aug 31, 2018
    I took it as his buddy will work ON his truck for a fee. Not drive it. If he’s gonna drive it I’d probably steer clear of that. He will call in and you’ll be pissed off or you’ll see you need to run the truck 12 to 14 hours per day to make money and he’ll want 8 to 10. Won’t work out unfortunately.

    That’s assuming he has a clean driving record and is alcohol and drug free.
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    Most of you are not reading the post correctly. His friend is going to run the truck under his authority and take care of the day to day operation of the truck. So the op is going to buy a truck find a driver and lease his truck to his friend's small carrier to run.

    Like others have said the pie is only so big. You have the original freight bill to the customer. Then the broker takes his cut, Then the Friend takes his cut as the (op's carrier). What is left pays, fuel, truck expenses, driver wages. Then the OP gets what is left if anything at all.

    I would think if the OP's friend was worth anything he would of added some solid direct customers in his 20 years of hauling, and become less reliant on his broker.

    Reality is its tough to scratch out a living with one truck as the operator leased to a carrier with direct customers. But to try and do it with two people with one truck while leased to a carrier hauling broker freight. Yikes.
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    Quidd hasn't checked this thread since last night. I hope he comes back and reads it. He needs to. He needs to read a lot.
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    So true
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    Just today, as an example of the costs the can be incurred in an instant, one of my drivers broke down on the side of the WV turnpike. Fuel filter was clogged due to some bad fuel. Simple $20 fix right? No. Along comes the highway patrol. Declares the truck an imminent hazard and we can not get it fixed on the side of the road. Either we call a tow truck now, or he will. By the time the tow truck shows up an hour later, spends 30 mins hooking it up and tows it 20 miles up the road to Beckley, the driver now doesn't have enough time on his clock to make on time delivery. Appointment is reset for the next day, truck has now lost an entire day's revenue, and we have to pay a $600 tow bill to get a $20 filter replaced.
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    Why didn't the driver change the filter while he was waiting?
    When fixed cancel tow truck. Could have probably saved 1/2 the tow charge? And made his delivery.

    Or maybe the driver isn't qualified.
    Good luck.
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