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    Aug 17, 2006
    i recently drove for ozark motor lines and i didnt eaven last a month orientation was gra8 i was the only one in thare but whene i got out on the road my dispatcer would give me loads and very quick deleveriy times i would have to run illeagle alot of times and had to remind them whene home time was close they run 100 mile per houer freight with 68 mph trucks

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    Feb 25, 2007
    EYE TO EYE ...
    Ozark is a night fleet.....many runs are fedex runs that are very time sensitive....many fedex runs start at 11pm at night...fedex is the bread and butter for this company....log dept is anal....the yard has a scale on site....

    When Hurricane Katrina ravaged my City of New Orleans I waited for 3 weeks after they reopened the city to do repairs on my home.I was doing to second most dificult run on the board(FEDEX Colunbus-Hartford,CT)....I did this run 6 days a week....made good bucks...I went in and gave proper notice to go back to NOLA for home repair....and made sure I had a rehire on the screen....after 6 weeks I came back ready to work....and surprise!....I didnt have a rehire on screen...when asked....they said I was late on my last FeDex run....I said horsehockey!....when asked to produce qualcomm records to prove I was late....Ozark refused
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    Sep 24, 2007
    Ozark seems to be less than an avg company. I've been with them just over a year now giving them and myself a chance to work out the bugs.
    As todate they seem to me to be less than a avg company.. AS with most companys they have good points and bad points.
    Ozark has more bad than good.
    Good points.
    Home time is fair to avg they try and get you home when due time is near.
    They dont call you at home when on time off.
    Trucks are keeped up pretty good. But can only be washed at there home yard in Memphis. Makes a bad rap for company so many dirty truck running around.
    And they do allow pets..
    Lots of sitting time around manily for there Fedx loads..

    Bad habit of theres to have you after a good nights sleep just sit for hours on end just to do a overnight run for Fedx.

    They route you but only pay by zip to zip. Which means you lose lots of mile pay.. Just on my last run the route called for 217 miles more then the pay miles.. And they do get upset when you dont go they way they tell you too.

    They only care about your hours when they are slow in finding you a load.

    Like on the fedx loads you most run them almost stright through no rest time. Also on fedx loads hours dont count.. they require u to run them anyways.

    Good points bad points not all listed here just afew ..
    As for me time to find another company that has some respest for the drivers.
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    Pretty much the same here. I told them I had trouble adapting from days to nights(i.e. full nights sleep, run for 4 hrs, go back to sleep and run all the next night). They said ok then routed me back to Memphis to turn in my truck and ID, then told me I quit. All this after sitting hours or days waiting for repairs to trucks and trailers. Their equipment stinks.
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    Sep 11, 2008
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    :biggrin_25525:Thanks for information about ozark I was thinking about them but I changed My Mind after reading this. I think trucking is the worst right now than its been in the 19 years I been driving. I really don't think they are any good companies anymore. What a shame and its very depressing also. :biggrin_25510::biggrin_25516:
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    Nov 21, 2008
    east liverpool,ohio
    I Was with ozark motor lines twice the first time 1.5 years then i went to another company for better pay but the company wasn,t giveing me any miles so i went back to ozark after 4 month as a rehire they kept my first 2 weeks of pay saying that was to pay for my back insurense i worked for them for 9 months and made $43,000 i was in nj and ask my fleet manager if he could get me though the house to see a doctor because left side was going numb on me he said he would i got home went to the ER they said i had a pinch nerve in my back and wrote me off for 2 weeks and told me to do a follow up with my doctor mean while they sent someone bye with a new driver to pickup my rig which i understood was normal by them well the doctor said i needed physical therpy 1 -2 weeks so i called in and let safety and my fleet manager know what was going on iwas keeping them up to date with my status his name was jessi he told me okay just keep them updated ! i said i will so i went to human services to try and get help with food while being off so they called melanie in payroll to verify my employment then she told the case worker that i had been terminated!so when i got home i called ozark and talked to mr gilmore and he said yeah because you were not calling in and keeping us updated which i had did ! they do run you into the dirt !many weeks i runned 4200 miles a week and that was the thanks i got!! drivers beware!!! jimtrucker54 is also right about the fedx airport runs delivering in the am and sitting there till 11pm-1 am for the next fedex run !
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    Nov 21, 2008
    east liverpool,ohio
    there new advertisement says no hazmat reqired so all of the drivers that have hazmat get routed to example dead head you from columbus,oh to moran trans elkgrove village,il then you get there around 4pm you drop your mty in a inside dock and they tell you what trailer to hook up to then you wait for them to load you you have to keep checking on them takes them 5 hrs to load you which you dont get payed no detention time then drive to atlanta georgia to drop yard
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    Dec 14, 2008
    Medon, TN
    I have been here at Ozark since July came over after 4 years at CFI. Hated the takeover and can't stand sitting for conway lds but anyways. I wish I started with Ozark Years ago.
    The trucks don't go 68 anymore actuelly got turned down to 65 to save fuel and get insurance down after the bad rash of accidents some of the drivers have had. But I make more money here at Ozark than I have made anywhere before.

    I am also home a lot more they let me take 2-4 days every 8-10 days out. I personally chose OTR since it started me at .38 compared to regional at .34 difference is I get home every 8-10 days instead of 34 hrs every weekend.

    The insurance stinks I will not lie I was very mad when I saw what they call medical. The dental and vision are good. I have been thrilled overall I do have to remind them once in a while that I really do need home.

    I hardly ever sit most times I am preplanned not always what I want but thats why its called a job. Yes a lot of Fed ex loads that do require you to drive over night and some that you drive during the day but they give you at least 2 to 3 hrs for breaks its not like those conway loads CFI had. I imagine most companys have lds that are pretty tight even when I was with JB Hunt we had JIT freight.

    I am no spring chicken out here on the road and Ozark has been best overall company I have been with. Feel free to ask me anything I will be honest and if I don't know the answer I will let you know that I don't know. And Yes, we haul stuff like Harley Davidson and Remington that you are supposed to stretch log if you have to but can run in 11 hrs if everything go perfect. You can turn the loads down I have before and I didn't get sent to terminal and told I had quit I like to know what else might have been said in that conversation. Not saying it never happened but I do know Ozark has been "cleaning house". We currently have a hiring freeze in TX for sure I know for a fact since I tried to get my cousin on.
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  9. Army91W

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    Nov 3, 2006
    San Antonio, TX
    My father has driven for them for the last 4.5 years. He's content. He lives in Memphis and only stays out on the weekend when he has a 1000+ mlie run. Other then that he's home every weekend. If you like a stable co, I think 4.5 years speaks for itself. Take care!
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    Sep 10, 2007
    tampa, fl
    Hi, you mentioned that their insurrance was bad? What do you mean by bad? Expensive? Also, do they offer Per Diem for tax purposes?

    I live in NC and am thinking about going with them. they are wanting to start me at .34 and say they are averaging 2600 to 2800 miles a week.

    Would you say all in all they are a decent company to drive for?
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