PAM firearm policy?

Discussion in 'PAM' started by Noob Driver, Mar 25, 2017.

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    Oh yeah, some states you commit a crime having hollow-point bullets or a firearm with capacity above 10 rounds. Anytime your truck goes in the shop it MAY be searched. A gun doesn't ONLY defend you, it can get you fired or jailed. Choose wisely.
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    PAM doesn't allow weapons of any type, I don't know of any megas that allow weapons...
    That being said, I still carried my SR9 with me when I worked for Schneider. But I only ran Regional, and my LTC was accepted by neighboring states. I'd rather be fighting a legal battle rather than bleeding out after being stabbed by a crackhead in a parking lot. I never told anyone about my firearm, or showed it off. The only way I would ever display it is in the 3 seconds before I can draw, sight in , and pull the trigger.
    Most companies will prohibit weapons as it protects them from liability if you do anything stupid. Same goes for customers, what they don't know won't hurt them.
    I did deliver to a Navy base in Groton Connecticut years ago, and I informed the guards I had a weapon and they held it till I left the base. That is literally the only time I have ever let anyone aside from an officer know I had a firearm.
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    When I worked for Conway Truckload a few years ago they didn't have a policy against firearms. At the. terminal in Taylor Michigan they had lock boxes to hold Items not allowed to be taken into Canada, so I would leave me gun locked away ( with my lock ) and retrieve it once back in the US. Even with no policy against firearms I never showed it off or told anyone about it, my business and mine only.

    Now they are owed by a different company "The New CFI" so I'm not sure if the Gun Policy has changed or not?
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    States??? Don't you mean Socialist Republics. Lol (Socialist Republic of California)
    Personally I don't believe in gun free zones of ANY size. (Your truck, a school, government office, theater, stadium) gun free zones should be renamed "guaranteed victem zones" I think you should carry this in your truck. RUGER SR556 CLA.jpg
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    A concealed weapon should never be seen unless it is being fired. It's not a topic of conversation. It's not a thread starter. It's not an instrument of intimidation. It is a last resort preservation of life tool. Strap it on, shut up, and go about your day. Most importantly tell no one and act accordingly. If it ever comes out of it's holster it should be a complete surprise to everyone but you. That includes your company.
    What I'm saying is that this is a no brainier. The company should never find out unless you have used it to stop a threat, in which case it was a simple choice, because dead people don't have jobs anyway.
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    The way I see it, you have 2 options. You can carry it God forbid you have to use it you'll be fired but still be alive. 2nd option obey company policy, get killed, lose your life but hey you still have your job cuz you obeyed company policy. Unfortunately you're dead so you won't be able to make it into work.
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