Passed an open Port of Entry Wyoming

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    I never used prepass either, but always was under the impression that you always went by the prepass light, unless you had a permit load on.
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    She just about gave me a heart attack when I came into the office saw her. Great big smile and friendly as a kitten.
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    Thats impressive. Triangle rock gives it a sense of scale. Whoa.

    A little bit of sheridan ice days.

    slide one.jpg slide two.jpg split ice.jpg
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    Basically everyone with prepass follows it instead of signs. But a few states require certain types of loads to ignore prepass. HazMat loads in AZ, AR, CT, OH and HazMat Waste in those and other states must enter scales if scales are open. GA lets HazMat loads follow weigh-in-motion signs. Prepass & Drivewyze have a web page that shows those states with certain exceptions to "green light, red light".
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    I think Nebraska EB at N. Platte is like that, prepass is fine unless you have hazmat.

    That scale in Gillette is easy to bypass, and often ignored even by trucks on Hwy 59, although, few years back I had a local chase after me when I failed to turn for the scale, I showed him that I was delivering 1/2 mile up the road (he stopped me as I turned in to the lot) and instead just chewed me out. But yes, Sheridan can be a real PITA scale, they have been known to call ahead to Billings, they have also been known to have a WHP officer chase you down.
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    Sundance is the one closest to the SoDak border. Then there’s Gillette, and then finally Sheridan going into Montana. They all suck ###. I’ve been through that route countless times, and on the same day every single scale flashed me in just to see my IFTA. Happened more than once. No ####, I went over the Sundance scale three times in one day, and every time I had to go into the house. I’ve run past the Gillette one a few times without repercussions. Wyoming, other than the house in Frannie, sucks.
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    Wyoming is odd for sure. They almost always call you in unless you are a regular in which case they will pass you on through. I've been in line with guys all worried they were in trouble and I tell them "Don't worry they just want to see your IFTA & registration".

    Now, On I-90 through Wyoming I am very familiar as I used to travel it quite frequently. Going west you have to stop in Sundance unless cleared by prepass. Going East on the Interstate you do not have to stop in Sundance unless coming off a side road such as 585. Going through Gillette on the Interstate you do not have to stop in either direction unless coming off a side road such as 59. I have even gotten off the exit where the scale is and driven past it multiple times with no problems. I have clarified this with the Gillette scale. Going both directions through Sheridan you have to stop unless cleared by Prepass. Sheridan is the most normal type scale house on 90 in Wyoming but even there they will call you in to see your IFTA and registration. Hope this helps.
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    yep. Always use Wyoming POE as a pee stop, cuz you're getting called in 98.45% of the time (this is an exact number that i just pulled out of my...........head).

    IFTA, registration and some smart ### reply about what you are carrying. (dispatcher brains for an empty trailer my personal favorite)
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    All that wind on I25, and not a turbine in sight.

    And don't bother asking the peeps at Sheridan POE what those wierd looking gazelle/ibyx things are foraging in the fields. They don't know.
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    Those would be Pronghorn. If you’re talking these guys.

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