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  1. Wvuguy

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    Oct 24, 2013
    hey everyone
    just wondering if you could give me some insight on fedex pay.. looking at road driver or city as both are open..this is in the west and im trying decide on old d or fedex..jumping the walmart sinking ship
  2. stillwurkin

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    Dec 2, 2017
    Can't answer your ?..but what do you mean" wal-mart sinking ship"? Thought they were the best.
  3. artek

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    Aug 10, 2016
    As new road driver for Fedex Freight expect many hours working the dock. Pay around 21 / hr first year or mileage on whatever short trips you get. Very little overtime regardless if city or road.
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  4. Trex2500

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    Jun 27, 2016
    Depends on where you work. You mentioned west and I am in the east but ive been at FXF for eight months and I'm grossing 1200 a week easily. Many factors and variables but that's been my average.

    And yes, lots of dock time but that is hourly work ans my starting rate is 22 per hour. Half an hour of pay for each hook and each drop, plus mileage. My starting mileage pay was .54 cents.

    My bid is the lowest on our road board (I'm driver 27 out of 27 lol). Its 91 miles to the hub, usually 4-5 hours on dock, and 91 miles back. So on an average night its this:
    Mileage: 182=98 bucks
    Dock pay: 88 to 110 bucks(4-5 hours)
    2 hooks: 22 bucks
    2 drops: 22 bucks

    I know it only adds up around 1150 but its normally closer to 5 hours on the dock, so it pulls it up to 1200.

    And here's the gravy: 5 nights on my regular bid is 1200 bucks AND its only 9 to 10 hour nights. Comijg from my,last company where I worked 60 hours a week to make 1100 a get my drift.

    One of my co workers is at top rate(im on a 3 yr progression) and he makes close to 90k a year after being here 5 yrs. Our senior guys on the best bids easily make over 100k.

    The pay is worth putting in time on the dock. Its 95% forklift work. You think a company the size of FXF unloads #### by hand? You might have to rebuild a pallet or two that falls over but suck it up and consider it exercise. Ive never been restacking anything without another dock hand pitching in to help.

    Of course everyone will have different experiences depending on where they work and whatnot but my experience has been super positive so far and its only getting better. Ive already gotten a raise, we're getting another in April and my,first progression bump is in July. Life is goos
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  5. Skootlez

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    May 19, 2015
    Knoxville, TN
    Would they train you if you have no forklift experience? Former pencil pusher here
  6. Trex2500

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    Jun 27, 2016
    For sure. Forklift is pretty easy to pick up. I started with minimal lift experience and they made sure I was good to go.
  7. nash6289

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    Jun 8, 2015
    Hey man thanks for giving us an insight on how things are at FXF. I was highly interested in working for Fedex as a road driver but instead I ended up over at Pitt Ohio. I started working here as a part time city driver in January this year. Around March FXF called me for a city driver position and at the same time my manager offered me a line haul position here. I took that line haul position quickly lol. Things have been going great. My experience has been similar to yours as far as having to work the dock and getting shorter runs, etc. I’m at the bottom of board myself. Pay seems to be exactly the same as FXF, only difference is we run single trailers here so it’s $10 for a drop and hook. At my terminal we pretty much run wv, pa, va, md, etc. It’s a solid company man. Everyone that works here is very happy. I think majority of these LTL companies pretty much offer the same pay. Every ltl company has a guy at the top making six figures, some companies pay more but you get less hours and some pay less but you get more hours. I guess it all depends on if you like the company and the ppl you’re around everyday. Other than that we all are making good money. I love to run the road and I wanted a job where I can be home everyday, off on the weekends and make good money. So if that sounds like something anyone is looking for, LTL is where it’s at!
  8. doireann

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    Nov 13, 2016
    Good to know. I am starting on monday as a driver apprentice with midnight hours. I am in north east Pa and so far everything that fedex has said, has been true.

    Hopefully its the last time I start a new job.
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