Perkins Specialized Transportation, Inc. - Indianapolis, In.

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  1. rocky1234

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    Aug 17, 2007
    I worked at perkins and its really bad like the first guy said. They stick u with heavy ### loads knowing that your going to burn alot of fuel. And during orientation they tell you that here at perkins we never pull heavy loads what a bunch of bs. Dont go there if u think u can go home when u want and come back out and not be in the hole on you pay check. DONT GET ME WRONG YOU CAN MAKE THE MONEY AT PERKINS BUT U CANT BRING IT HOME. You run hard all week, then they tell you your in the RED what a gut check. THINK REALLY HARD B4 U GO TO PERKINS
  2. skydyverjym

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    Oct 11, 2007
    hudkin, tx
    so everybody out there who is condenming any and all lease purchase programs, what do y'all suggest?

    i don't have good enough credit to just run out and buy my own truck and go straight up o/o. i have been searching high and low for a decent co with a decent lease purchase program, that will sell you a used truck. that is the whole point, get the truck paid off so you can pocket the profit, stack the paper, get ready to buy a new truck.

    what gives? you guys do nothing but suggest all newbies do nothing but drive co trucks. y'all are just as bad about holding down the rookies as are the unscrupulous trucking co's.
  3. MACK E-6

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    Sep 19, 2005
    Baltimore, MD
    Nobody here is "holding down any rookies". Lease programs are always heavily skewed towards the company. They are little more than a way for the company to relieve themselves of the operating costs of the truck while they continue to make money off of it.

    Now, I challenge you to find me one that does NOT fit that description. We're all waiting, because we all wanna see this.
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  4. Mark Kling

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    Sep 23, 2007
    Statesville, NC
    if you think the lease/purchase is such a great deal... then go look at the junk trucks they try to sell you.. you better have a good mechanic.... they are the old worn out trks. better to buy a good used one or new .... try government for small business loan.. heck... i drive a company truck and it is in the shop at least once every one to two weeks for sensor problems....
  5. skydyverjym

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    Oct 11, 2007
    hudkin, tx
    i pretty much agree, of all the ones i have actually personally checked into they all seem crappy. however to someone like myself, with bad credit, someone who cannot get any sort of loan whatsoever, have absolutely exhausted all my known resources at obtaining truck financing, i again ask the same question i aksed originally.

    what are my options if i have my heart set on o/o?

    so far the most decent program i have come across is with O&S. but i didn't check it out very closely because they won't hire me, cut me off early in the game of looking.
  6. jlkklj777

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    Oct 1, 2007
    Duncannon, Pa
    I went through a "lease purchase" about 10 years ago and after 2.5 years lost everything when the company I was leasing from (trans states lines based in Fort Smith Ar) sold out to Burlington Motor carriers. Suffice it to say I was left holding the bag with promises and commitments unfulfilled from TSL's mgmt. The other drivers in here are trying to give you good advice you should listen.
    A lease purchase is brilliant from a companies perspective. You get a naive wannabe to pay double for a used truck plus the fuel and maintenance costs while alleviating all the taxes and filing fees usually incurred for a company driver. No benefit costs either (medicare, social security, federal, state, local taxes, vacation, disability, workers comp, medical, dental, retirement, bobtail insurance, trip pak fees, qualcomm fees, trailer rental fees, etc). All of these become the sole responsibility of the new "lease driver."
    The company gets a driver who will run his tail off (usually illegally) to make all his "payments" and get what amounts to about what a regular company driver would make for running fewer miles with less stress and benefits.
    Lets not forget the company gets to skim all the extra money off the top of the load as well because you "agreed" to work for .85 to .90 cpm (plus fuel surcharge {whooppee!}).
    The only way to be a success in the lease game is get someone to run team with you thus reducing the operational expenses of the truck over all as compared to revenue generated to the truck.
    Other than the above buy an old truck privately, buy a trailer, get your operating authority, negotiate freight rates with shippers directly and hope you have enough operating capital to wait for payment for up to 90 days (if there was no damage, claims, etc).
    The fact is it costs around .75 cpm to run a truck BEFORE you pay the driver his wages.
    Good luck your going to need it!
  7. truckerfromhell

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    Oct 12, 2007
    new carlisle ,ohio
    sounds like a great place to eat

    they sent me a email about lease purchase paying 1.35 mile
    but in small print it says paying fuels and road taxes is included in the 1.35 a mile wonder what that means
    2003-2007 freightshakers int and they say they use a select group of
    shippers pretty flashy ad campain say they saw my app on class a drivers but not used class a before
    think i will pass unless its my last resort:biggrin_25511:
  8. CarolinaDriver

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    Feb 16, 2008
    OK... here's the scoop.

    July 2007 I either had steering tire failure or catastrophic failure of the steering mechanism resulting in sudden loss of vehicle control. I'm still not sure which as I have little memory of the events leading up to and after the accident because of the pure saturation of adrenalin from that day.

    This resulted in a bridge impact with the right side of the truck and immediate ignition of diesel from right side fuel tank on initial impact. A total loss of truck, trailer and product of final stop due to fire and lack of nearby fire fighting abilities as the truck was totally involved upon arrival of first fire fighting equipment.

    Luckily I recieved only minor scrapes, burns and bruises from this accident.

    Although there were no charges or citations issued, Heartland terminated my employment because "They could find no proof of a failure or proof there wasn't" upon completion of whatever investigation they might have instigated.

    However, I've not been able to find employment until today even though Heartland did not report this to DAC/USIS.

    Here's my problem,

    I'm happy that Perkins is willing to put me in a truck and are able to look beyond my accident. More than I can say for the previous 30 some companies I've applied and spoke with. Fact is; I've had 3 companies hang up on me in mid sentance.

    I know.... I know... I've heard all the bad stories about lease purchase programs and I've heard story after story about lease purchases. I know they are geared in abundant favor of the company who offers them, that's business.

    I'd love to find a company who's primary freight lanes are out west running produce and nursery loads. Hell, that's what caused me to fall in love with trucking to start. I have no reason to be home any specific time.

    No children at home and my wife is deceased... what the hell do I want to go home and stare at an empty house for?

    Anyway, I guess what I'm getting around to is; if you're willing to work hard, is there a paycheck at Perkins? I mean as long as I watch my budget and not buy all the fancy doo-dads and the top-shelf electronics, can I put money in my pocket?

    I'm not asking if Perkins has buttholes. That's really a matter of one's own opinion and each needs to form that opinion independant of outside influence.

    I don't really expect the truck to ever be mine either, I do expect to lease the truck and be able to make money from that truck without the constant need for repair, but as far as it ever being mine, I don't really expect it. Hmmm it would make a nice motor home after it's paid for though. Slap a 53' dry box on back and put a jacuzzi in that baby and ride!! :yes2557:

    So I welcome any and all intellectual responses from ones who don't feel a need to grind an axe with Perkins.

    Also as far as Heartland is concerned, I don't have real hard feelings toward them. I do hate the way they terminated me, I think it unfair the way they just said there was no proof either way of what happened, but terminated me anyway.

    I made #### good money with them and aside some of there petty stuff like not fueling outside of terminals unless absolutely needed, they were a great company and would still be there today if it weren't for what happened.

    So I await any information you all can give... thanks in advance.
  9. CarolinaDriver

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    Feb 16, 2008
    Hey folks... it's me again, really looking for some imput.

    I've a friend who wants me to drive a tri-axle dump for him here at home, however, income is dictated by the weather, anyone's ever driven them knows how weather can booger a good paycheck.

    Also the longing and love for OTR is as strong or stronger for me and I really long for the open road again.

    Speaking of the open road, can anyone that's driven for Perkins tell me if you actually see the open road or is NYC and the Englander states considered the open road for them?

    Can you earn a decent pay check on a continual basis with them if you are willing to work?

    Would appreciate any information over what's here now. Thanks again.
  10. slopoke1966

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    Sep 11, 2008
    I found about 4 bad reports in 15 minutes,that's not counting my time with them
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