Personal Vehicle at Truckstop

Discussion in 'Experienced Truckers' Advice' started by 4wayflashers, May 23, 2020.

  1. fishonron

    fishonron Light Load Member

    Jul 25, 2017
    North Central Kansas
    Even If the manager said I could, I'd never leave my car at a truckstop for 2-3 weeks.

    Park the truck and call for a ride (friend, Uber or whatever).
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  3. magoo68

    magoo68 Road Train Member

    Jun 11, 2011
    st malo mb canada
    Does it snow where you live.. Truck stop will just tow permission or not if lot needs clearing.
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  4. striker

    striker Road Train Member

    Aug 8, 2009
    Denver, Co
    I see a few trucks at Sapp Bros and T/A here in Denver where drivers do this, I've also seen these trucks broken into. As far the OP worrying about "thieves", my truck sits in a secured yard, OWNED by my company, we've had people climb the fence and break into trucks and trailers, as well cut the padlock off the old gate and steal trailers. On a few occasions, we've all come in on Tuesday (after a 3 day weekend) and felt something was "off" in the yard. Furthermore, as for your concern about "thieves" in here, I think like a thief, so my belongings stay attached to me, not sprouting legs and walking off.

    Realistically, maybe find a small local trucking company with a large yard and ask if you can park there for a few days, maybe pay them $20 or something for the trouble.
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  5. TruckChicken

    TruckChicken Light Load Member

    Mar 16, 2018
    I pay $100 a month to park my truck in a secured lot owned by a trucking company. Haven’t used it in 2 months since all I have been doing is working. But then again I’m not a cheap pos who uses other people for freebies.
  6. 4wayflashers

    4wayflashers Medium Load Member

    Mar 14, 2014
    I think you missed your calling. Maybe in your next life you should be an armed security guard at a truckstop.
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  7. lsnook24

    lsnook24 Light Load Member

    Nov 19, 2019
    Most of these guys just like to piss in the parking lot and cry about what someone else is doing. Talk to the manager and ignore these but......h
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  8. mstrchf117

    mstrchf117 Light Load Member

    May 21, 2016
    I wouldn't park a personal vehicle at a truck stop for 2-3 weeks. Really any publically accessible location for that matter. As for leaving the truck, eh. Just check on it when you can. Unless it's a really shady area, wouldn't worry about being broke into. No one knows if you're delivering in the area and just wanted out of the truck for the night or if you're home for vacation. Now, getting backed into is a valid concern, but you take that risk every time you park, so...
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  9. larry2903

    larry2903 Medium Load Member

    Oct 18, 2009
    On the trails
    Look up secure parking near you and have a conversation with the company you pull for, I know as a truck owner myself I would much rather my equipment be in a more secure area when the driver is at home.
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  10. kylefitzy

    kylefitzy Road Train Member

    Aug 12, 2007
    Kansas city,Mo
    The Saps brothers in harrisonville, mo has a gravel parking lot off the main parking lot for drivers to park their 4 wheeler while they are in the road.

    The petro in Oak Grove, mo has a lot of people that park way in the back behind the shop. I used to drop my trailer and bobtail home, never had an issue. I parked next to all the trucks that never moved.

    I tried to find secure paid parking with 24/7 access, the only one I ground was $125 a month. I went to check it out, drove right in off the street, slowly circled the parking lot, and drove right out and never saw a security guard. I wasn’t about to pay $125 for something less secure then parking at a truckstop.

    Now I have a home with some land that I park right in my driveway. Wouldn’t have it any other way.
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  11. MACK E-6

    MACK E-6 Moderator Staff Member

    Sep 19, 2005
    Baltimore, MD
    I might entertain that someday if I get to dress like Sgt Schultz. :D

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