Picking my own freight baby! My journey to & of being on Schneider choice, the Adventure & Numbers!

Discussion in 'Schneider' started by freightwipper, Jun 1, 2015.

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    If you lease to LandStar, they will not accept OOIDA insurance for Non Trucking Liability or any others insurance except Gallager insurance. Which may be partly owned by LandStar. They can’t really dictate who you have when you’re under your own authority.
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    Yes they can. If they don't like your insurance they won't broker loads to you.
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    Nov 19, 2012
    How are rates doing now?
    Are the still up?
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    Jan 14, 2016
    Evidently this broker thinks it's 1986.

    (I'm broke down and bored if you were wondering. At least I'm on the clock since yesterday.) 7C9ADF84-933A-430D-A662-DF9D1842943F.png
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    It's times like now that I realize I need to stay tanking. Customer didn't have room to unload Monday morning and I sat till this morning when I finally unloaded. For a total of 18 hrs detention plus 2 layovers. And I was able to get my radiator fixed during that time.
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    They're leveling off. I'm still finding 3-3.50 in the Midwest, but I've got to look hard. I think they'll level off until April when non ELD user's really start getting dinged, then they'll spike again.
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    You can bet his cut is more than that and he never got out of his chair at home. Worthless bastages.
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    “I had a few issues with Schneider they wanted to Bob tail 75 miles out of my way to get an empty . They did the your contract crap I informed them that I have the right of refusing a load when Schneider changes the terms of the load. So I had them pull all my loads off and I rebook ed today funny thing I am now bobtail ing to my first original load to pu loaded trailer”

    Lots of whining on the FB group......you better get those guys and gals in line.
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    Oct 26, 2012
    seems like alot of time booking and rebooking loads, that would drive me out of my mind, must be awesome paying loads lol
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    Oct 16, 2013
    Now, that's the kinda capital thinkin' I appreciate more than anything else. Past experience combined with current ability. Have to have your customers in order before hand, though. If so......?

    Glad to see things are still going exceedingly well for you since splitting SNI. Have always appreciated your input, even though I wasn't "one of y'all" at SNI.

    Even more so, like seeing the "out of box" thinking you always have going on. That's what separates you from the gaggle out here.

    Although late for THIS year, just a little thought for you for next year, from my past experience before trucking.

    Might want to look into doing same sort of thing w/Christmas trees straight from source. Back to retailers, or even better, set up friends or family to retail yourself. You might be surprised at profit margins to be had.

    Actually, used to book truckloads in the past, before I began this trucking adventure & did extremely well, even with the additional shipping costs. Just one more cost that can be eliminated, since we have the trucks now? LOL

    Used to bring in all our thousands from MI to OH. Helped that I knew the farmer with extensive land holdings but, it's all the same.

    Not a worry about posting out in open to you here, as anyone could do this. Not rocket science at all. Would actually like to encourage some of the others to start thinking "outside the box" for other potential revenue streams, like you are starting to do. All part of supposedly being "in actual business", eh?

    Never heard it was written in stone that all our revenue had to be strictly limited to one avenue....? Not a big deal right now w/rates going through roof. But, when thing go cyclical, as they always do...... the shakeout of the weak always happens. :munky2::mwink:

    Just catching up on 'ol Freighty's thread after getting behind over 2mos & still working on it. So, apologies for dragging up an older post reply. Lacking on getting back to him personally, too. But, just have had too much #### going on.

    Keep rockin' on....... :biggrin_25525:
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