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    What's best material to make pipe stakes out of. Since I have a Conestoga I'll probably have to build/weld something with an offset, since they need to be on an offset i dont think squished flat pipe will work for me. How tall should I make them? I have about 8' of useable height, but could actually make them go 8'6" if I had to. I'm guessing most are only 4 to 6' tall, so finding a place to store them on the trailer may be an issue...

    How about pinning them, is there a law saying they need secured to the pocket itself?

    .125 wall or .250" or thicker?
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    I've still got some that are nothing more than C-channel with a piece of rebar welded on to prevent them from slipping through the stake pocket. If they are on the trailer, they should be secured...I usually ran a chain around each pair with a binder to hold them in. The timbers you place below the load (to allow the loader/unloader's forks to reach beneath the load without damaging your trailer or the load) would keep the pipes off the chain holding the pipe stakes in, and the chain also helped to prevent the weight of the pipes against the stakes from ripping the stake pockets out.

    Different shippers will have different requirements as to their length. Usually 2' or 3' so should be sufficient for most of them...much more than that and you'll run into problems loading & unloading. Remember, your deck is already 5' or so above the ground, and the loader/unloader will have to lift the pipes up over your pipe stakes. If they are too tall, you may run into issues.
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