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Discussion in 'Truck Forum Information Center' started by Mastertech, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. Mastertech

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    Because of the 7 post threshold we have before a member can sent PM's to anyone other than a staff member, we have decided to allow email addresses in posts.We realize that from time to time it is necessary for members to communicate directly when helping each other, so we are relaxing the email rules.

    Having said that, If some guy asks which radio he should buy, and another guy responds, "email me for a great deal on radios," that is still considered against The Terms of Service, and will be removed, and dealt with appropriately.

    Note.... you are putting your email address out there at your own risk...if you post your email address and then start getting spammed, that's your problem, not ours...:biggrin_25519:

    The rules for phone numbers has not changed. Phone numbers are not to be posted other than in the employment section of the site.
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    I want to add to this, sometimes members will post bad things about current employers thinking they are anonymous. If you are trying to maintain internet privacy, posting an email address will help expose your identity. You can google any ones email address and find out everywhere they used that address on the internet. I find a lot of spammers this way. You'd be surprised what you can find including their whole life and pictures of family, etc.

    I found one the other day through his email address and google, in an ad he was selling a car and had his full name, picture of himself, address and phone number. He belonged to several dating websites, a pot forum and even some porn sites. That's a whole lot of info I found with minimal effort.

    So I'm just saying, think before you give your personal info out freely on the web. If I can find it so can an employer.

    Many email providers allow multiple email accounts. I would utilize them. Example: Have one for forums, have one for gaming or such, have one for purchases and leave your main one strictly for business, family and friends. ;)
  • Truckers Report Jobs

    Trucking Jobs in 30 seconds

    Every month 400 people find a job with the help of TruckersReport.

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