Poor house

Discussion in 'Dart' started by Pfuse, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. TNPRIDE1066

    TNPRIDE1066 Light Load Member

    Jun 11, 2009
    go onto youtube.com , search for dart transit,
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  3. pwcain

    pwcain Bobtail Member

    Sep 26, 2010
    Yep Thats Dart allright..Only now they dont care and dont hide it anylonger
  4. enamorada30

    enamorada30 Bobtail Member

    Sep 27, 2010
    Stay away from this company. They are messed up big time. You pay around 1000 a WEEK just to work for them. They have very little shipper frieght, and have changed addresses and phone numbers 2x in two months. the agents hit the loadboards and snag any old load to put on your truck. if the broker doesnt pay up YOU are out what ever the load payed and you get "sorry' for your luck. if you have any other questions or desire proof msg me and I will happily provide.
  5. james40

    james40 Bobtail Member

    Oct 22, 2010
    marietta ga
    is this the company in north lima ohio? I was thinking about signing on with them they said they had plenty freight :biggrin_25521:
  6. dave26027

    dave26027 Road Train Member

    Sep 10, 2009
    Dallas, Texas
    Gee Folks, I've been with Dart (Eagan, Mn) since '94. I'm in my fifth truck (third lease- purchase) and not doing spectacularly, but I'm still here and getting the bills paid..

    Dart works for some, not for others. Maybe I've been lucky- but it's been a long, hard road. They're not my best friend- but this is business, not a marriage. I know if I want to get treated really bad I can always go back to JB and be a company driver- now, JB knows how to abuse drivers.

    Times are changing. Regulatory compliance is King of all. Play the regulatory game or stay home.... You need to be tough and determined to win if you want to do a lease purchase in this environment. Dart didn't do this to us, Uncle Slam did. Right now I'm sitting in my lease- purchase truck in "West Salem, Wisconsin" freezing my butt off. Shivering as I'm typing this.. trying not to idle this thing so I can make it to Gary, Indiana tomorrow to buy cheap fuel (for $3.4894 per gallon) on the 60 gallons left in my tanks. I'll make it- driving 52 MPH.

    Don't come here demanding that you need to be treated like someone special. Dart is full of "Special People". If you don't do California, if you can't do NYC, if you want to be home every weekend, if you can't do New England, Canada, Oregon or Florida, do us all a favor- work somewhere else. Go to Prime, JB, Swift, Schneider- just stay away from Dart.

    In a Lease-Purchase deal you get taken advantage of. Period. If you had good credit you wouldn't even be here. Pain makes profit. Take a lease purchase deal and volunteer for "Anywhere, Anyplace, Anytime" and stand behind what you promised when you said you were here to make money. Act like you have a pair of brass juevos and just get your job done.

    That's how you make money here- that's how you make money anywhere in Trucking. You ask for punishment, you take it without complaining and then you ask for more. You unload appliances in Farmington, Long Island, pick up a heavy beer load in Elizabeth, NJ and unload it in New Orleans. Pick up your heavy load of coffee and get it to Maine ASAP. Pick up at the talc mine in Maine and get it to Dallas. You decide where to fuel, how to run your trips and how fast to drive.

    If you haven't heard it before, it's not important how much money you make- it's important how much money you don't spend on fuel, maintenance and daily expenses that will make or break you. Part of it IS luck, a bad dispatcher can put you out of business. If you really want to survive you'll make sure you have a good dispatcher. Volunteer for anything- ask for the load no one else wants. Take that driver unload. Deliver in a winter storm, cross that picket line- act like you're not scared of hard work and tough challenges- and you'll be golden.

    Being a self employed leased owner/operator means you have to serve your motor carrier, not screw your motor carrier. Give them the service they need and they will give you the work you need. How you monetize that work is entirely up to you. They just might put the screws to you in a lease purchase deal- gone- sour. Stand up for yourself! You'll find that they're willing to negotiate and that they respect contractors that reasonably defend themselves in such situations.

    You're getting crap trucks because of the stupid things new lease O/O's do to their trucks- butchered wiring systems for stupid, cheap "chicken lights" and ridiculously overpowered radio equipment, "deferred maintenance" (ignoring it altogether), dumb, senseless chrome accessories- custom seats and stereo systems, paintings, dumb slogans and murals on the sides of the cab (that have to be removed when the NooB O/O goes broke and quits)- and a long list of completely senseless, stupid or ridiculous modifications that only waste precious profit.

    Don't EVEN tell me about how Dart screwed you- if you didn't understand how to deal with it and couldn't break even or come out ahead, you're in over your head and shouldn't be here. They WILL offer you crap once in awhile, it's up to YOU to turn it down. Frankly, some of us never turn stuff down, we just get it over with and go on to the next load. When you do them a favor, they do something nice for you.

    Dart isn't my girlfriend, Dart isn't my best friend, Dart's my business partner. Sometimes they're as rude and punishing as they can be. And sometimes I realize that just like an abusive spouse, today I might get a slap in the face- tomorrow I might get roses. In the end.... I get the bills paid and I can walk away anytime I really want to.

    It COULD be worse.
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  7. craigo36

    craigo36 Bobtail Member

    Dec 11, 2011
    well said:biggrin_25519:
  8. Tenn I See Trucker

    Tenn I See Trucker Medium Load Member

    Dec 19, 2013
    Amen thinking of going back to Dart after a 10 year absence, didn't make awesome money but it was good and always consistent...
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