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Discussion in 'Seek Employment' started by Spokester, May 11, 2014.

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  1. Spokester

    Spokester Light Load Member

    Nov 26, 2011
    Port Angeles, WA

    I have decided to return to OTR after driving petroleum tankers out of Portland, OR for almost a year. Previous to that I drove for May Trucking pulling reefers for around 1.5 yrs. I'm in my third year of professional driving, with a perfect 10+ year driving record, clean CSA score, all endorsements, and TWIC card. I have several standing offers from the bigger companies, including May, but I wish to explore my options. Looking to perhaps find a small company that will provide me with good equipment, good pay, and will allow me to do my job without the micromanagement that has become the norm within the larger carriers.

    I have a few (reasonable) requirements, fairly standard in nature. First, your company must have a clean CSA score, I will not subject myself to unnecessary scrutiny, though I will always work to be prepared for an inspection at any moment. Second, as a non-smoker I require a clean, never smoked-in newer truck, preferably with an APU and refrigerator. Bonus points for a Cascadia or Volvo 780 with a 13 speed. I'm willing to run just about any type of freight to just about any location, with very few exceptions: livestock, chemicals/petroleum, and anything else with exposure to toxic vapors and or extreme odors/funk. I am interested in specialized/heavy haul/flatbed, and do have some experience with that as a youth rolling with my Dad. I prefer 48 state irregular, as I enjoy seeing new things and would like to take my family along as well.

    As for pay and benefits, certain standards apply, though I am open to offers and negotiation. I'll leave this for later discussion. What I'm really looking for is a place I can become more of a business partner rather than just an employee, with all of the potential opportunity that entails. I know that I will be a valuable asset to your operation, and if you treat me as such, you'll gain my appreciation and loyalty to both our benefit.

    Please feel free to PM me for further contact details, and we can begin discussing a possible business relationship.

    Thank you for your time.
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  3. Slavo_global

    Slavo_global New Member

    Aug 16, 2013
    hey my name is nick,

    i operate in a small company with 100 trucks im looking for someone reliable and someone that has experience, per your description you fit that profile perfectly, call me and we can negotiate the terms and i can answer any questions that you have for me , im sure we can help each other prosper,

    call me anytime on my cell 708 7056425

    MC 687580
    ** you can check our credentials and see we are the company with a perfect safety score !
    looking forward to hearing from you
    have a great day !
  4. yhasan527

    yhasan527 Bobtail Member

    Jun 22, 2014
    Portland, OR

    If you're still looking, PM your contact info, lets talk. Local company looking for dry and reefer drivers.
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