Pros and Cons of Reefers

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  1. Big Don

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    Called a "high cube," and they are quite prevalent west of the Mississippi.

    DO NOT try to take one through the Eisenhour Tunnel though!
  2. otherhalftw

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    I hope you mean your dry vans are 13'6'....wouldn't it be difficult to load a 6'6" trailer? Could be a bit rough on the forklift driver, nah he could just use a hand truck or pallet jack!
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    Or through Denver on I-25 from I-70 to I-225!

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    ok don, I still don't see the point that you are trying to make here!!!!
  5. otherhalftw

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    Sweeping out a refer? Nope, another not so quick stop is required here...called the trailer washout...most refer shippers require a clean trailer to load in...especially if you are dealing with meat products...they bleed you learn how to be patient and a good "waiter"...refer guys do a whole lot of waiting..more so than dry vaners!
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  6. Rollover the Original

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    Jul 1, 2009
    I love a reefer! Never a problem waiting for a load as dry freight fits just as well!

    If you go to park at a truck stop and there is a guy pulled in nose first in a stall DO NOT PULL IN NEXT TO HIM WITH A RUNNING REEFER! Want to get your arse chewed out or maybe worse such as it being turned off? He pulled in for a reason, like not to be disturbed! Just back in and PO the other guys! Now if Mr. Reefer is pulled in nose first and you pull in next to him do NOT complain as this happens every once in a while! I was there first and nosed in and they pull in next to me and want to cry! ROFLMAO!

    I do not sweep out a reefer! I have a small battery operated leaf blower! But Blue Beacon does a great job also when water is needed! Not ALL meat loads bleed on the floor.

    Yes, jumper cables are great, just get the LONGEST ones you can find such as 20'+. and the smallest gauge you can 3 gauge or smaller. I also have a long 3 gauge wire with heavy duty alligator clips for using when needing to run with a cable between the unit and the tractor. I got mine from a commercial construction site and works great for an emergency. You only need one as the ground between the truck and trailer is all that is needed. You use this setup when your alternator in either the truck or trailer is bad. It will work in a "jump" situation but it takes a lot longer for it to juice up a set or batteries but when it's all you have go with it!

    Ask your mechanic how to "pump" up a unit that has run out of fuel! Some are different than others. Get a tennis ball and an air chuck or air valve from a tire to make a device that will help to blow fuel up to the injectors if you run out of fuel. Someone will show you how to make it. But you'll run out of fuel one time and then you'll learn to keep better watch on that fuel gauge on the reefer tank! It's a PITA pumping up or "jacking off" that fuel pump! Also one of those siphon hoses with the ball and #### deal on the end is great fro siphoning fuel for the unit or for the truck! Just do not get caught siphoning from something other than your truck!

    A milk crate is the best think to hold your jumper cables,siphoning hose, oil, fuel additive,rags, polish and other things. The 9/16" combo wrench you should keep in your tool bag!
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    the road less travelled

    You caught that, too. Both are 13'6" ft nominal height, based on a certain height of the fifth wheel. Other than the high cube vans Big Don mentioned earlier.
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    Well, it's really no big deal. But I thought you posted something about not having food come in from Mexico. Food come in from Mexico all the time.

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    It's what you make of it.
    Part of the job.
    Sunsets and rainbows. :biggrin_2559:
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    or sand and sweat..........
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