PTL is treating me VERY POORLY

Discussion in 'PTL' started by Hard Worker, Oct 2, 2014.

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    That is NOT name is describing an action/attitude.

    THAT is name calling, and skirting the censor.
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    May 19, 2011
    Let's keep the name calling and arguing out of it.
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    Jun 13, 2008
    Sometimes a driver is money ahead not switching trucks, why not sit a day or two and get your fixed truck out of the shop, then go pick up an abandoned truck, that will need a good cleaning and a day or two in a shop? Plus the wait time to get to the truck,
    Sorry to interrupt your argument
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    Feb 11, 2008
    Apparently, you jumped in somewhere in the middle...or most likely right at the end there tucker. Yes; a "day or two" is more than acceptable in any situation...but if you would have read the original post, you would have seen this:
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    Aug 20, 2015
    I worked for PTL with an owner op truck about 13 years ago or so. My experience there wasn't good from the get go. Home time wasn't enough and when I was home the dispatcher kept bugging me constantly to get me to leave out. And when I was out the miles weren't good and sat a lot. Just a waste of my time. Lesson learned. Moved along.
  6. DenaliDad

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    For information, PTL's trucks have a 4-year life not based on mileage. However, it's normally about 500K when they get retired. I have a 2012 16XXX series ProStar+ that will be retired next year; right now, it just turned 430K miles.

    And when it is, I will lose my diesel-powered APU, which I have grown to love, even though it has 1,200 hours and breaks fairly regularly. I'm not excited about getting one of the 8-batteries EPU's that don't cool so well...and that turns the truck on in the middle of the night all by itself. Had one once and didn't like it then, either.
  7. Hard Worker

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    Nov 1, 2013
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    I hear ya. That APU was great, while I had that 2012 Prostar. I liked the digital temp display too. It is so strong with heat and AC, always more than enough of both. Mine never even broke down during the 135K miles I drove, but the inverter had to be repaired a few times.

    This EPU cools the rear half of the truck alright, while sitting at a shipper/receiver or wherever. But if you sit in the front seat you can't really feel it. It's about half as strong as the APU. Although for sleeping, it definitely cools/heats well enough. But if you've been sitting more than 10hrs, it starts to auto crank a lot. And sometimes runs 30-60 mins at a time, increasing the idle % which was always below 1-2% when I had the APU. Then like yesterday for example, I got a call from PTL asking if my EPU is working alright cause my idling was around 11%, and I had to explain why. No big deal though. The one thing I really like about EPU is it's silent. I like that for when I'm not at a truck stop overnight, and I don't feel like I'm making a disturbance of any sort, not having that APU motor running. It's not as bad as you think it'll be though, I'm used to it now. It's not a red flag issue for me.
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    Jul 30, 2015
    Yup, just another Garbage Hole of a company!!!
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