Qualcomm-what do dispatchers know??

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  1. gharr8

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    Oct 15, 2009
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    I'd like to know what the dispatcher can see or know about my truck moving. If I'm going 65 mph or crawling thru a truck stop?? And whatever info the dispatcher can see.

    Also, how to reset the miles per gallon feature?? It's automatic on mine but I dont know why or when it resets itself. I'd like to reset it when I fill up to compare to my record keeping (miles/gallons used)

    The Thermos bottle..keeps hot food hot, cold food cold. How do it know????
  2. Mark Kling

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    It is tied to every computer in the truck...so in other words,,they can see every engine function and even shut the engine down. They pay for different levels of service...

    Stop by your shop sometime and have them log into your truck... be amazed at what they can see.

  3. Calve

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    Jul 4, 2009
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    Moving they can't see. The GPS works from a ping, at least that's the way my outfit has it set up. When you start the truck and shut it down, it pings your location, and every hour after that. When you send in a QQ message or get one, it pings your location and every hour after that. (only pings every hour, so a message on the QQ resets the timer)

    If you verify that, it's pretty easy to shave 15min to an hour off your time/location every day. Take for example your pretrip. You need to show 15min. You fire your truck up at 5am and it pings your location. If you don't send in your previous days hours right away, you have an hour before it pings you again. You show on your log you did your pretrip from 05:15-05:30. You start rolling at 05:15. You send in your previous days hours at 05:55, it pings your location again.

    See what I did there?

    It's your license, it's illegal but it's a workaround. Best thing to do is log it legal.
  4. Data_man

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    May 29, 2008
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    More then likely if your running a Qualcomm then you have paperless logs as well so trying to shave off 5 or 10 mins here or there would not work. Your pre-trip or any other activity is recorded in actual time. A 5 min pre-trip will only show 5 mins no need to try to shave time. The company can ping your truck at any given time to find your location or have a random ping put into the system. All state lines will be recorded with a date, time and mileage for fuel tax reasons.

    If you do have paperless logs then any log changes will be recorded with date and time and any movement of the truck will automatically put you on the drive line, with no on-duty time before movement then you failed to record a pre-trip. With all of the information recorded by your engine computers then all information can be recovered by your company and/or police at any time. Keep it legal at all times like Calve said and nothing to worry about.
  5. Jolsen

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    Mar 6, 2010
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    it depends on the company. And what level of service they pay for. I have heard that with my compainies level that if I keep it under 35 and don't move for more then 7 min I will stay on line 1 or 2. Also with E-logs if I were to stop before 7min into the 15 min block they will mark me as stopping at the begining of that 15min block. If I were to take off at 8 after the beginning of said 15 min block i would be marked as taking off at the beginning of the next 15 min block. But this is just what i have heard :)
  6. rachi

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    Feb 25, 2010
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    They will know when you fart.
  7. trucker_101

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    Apr 23, 2010
    Thats why mine resided out the window some nights ! LOL no not really,but some nights when toooo many messages were being sent over night while I was trying to sleep,thats where it went.
  8. Powder Joints

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    Most of this is correct. With qualcomm the company decides how often they want it to check in, # IWX it was between 45 min and 1 hr 15 min, Or anytime messages we sent.

    You really should get a look at the printout its interesting. At the time the it would show location was by closest city. Something like: "Barstow CA east of 35 miles / I 40 EB 62 mph 19:55:03 2010/07/05" . Or Mojave, CA CA58 Idle 6 hours 19:33:03 2010/07/05.

    I got audited and they gave me about 4 weeks worth of print outs to correct my logs. Several days later with the help of DDL.

    They can depending on the interface used even control the engine and programing functions, as well as seeing the engine data real time, but with qualcomm nothing is free. The more they get the more they pay for.

    Lastly you here drivers tell it does not work, thats because it could be an hour behind, if your dispatcher wants to know where you are it can tell them withing a few hundred feet, but that cost them extra everytime they quirey the truck.
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