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Discussion in 'Estes' started by Evie3, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. Evie3

    Evie3 Light Load Member

    Mar 22, 2017
    Hi, I'm a spectator, my son got a job with Estes 11/2 years ago and was just officially moved from a hub driver to linehaul and got an assigned route. He is at a medium sized terminal in an east coast state. He tries to explain things to me but I'm not sure I really understand the nuances. He is trying to figure out ways to manage his hours of service so he can do extra work over the weekend. From everything I've read, it seems like drivers prefer an assigned route to extraboard. But just from listening to him over time it also seems like if you are on extraboard you would have more opportunities to take longer/higher profit trips, which is what he is trying to accomplish at the moment. Is it really always better to have an assigned run? Thanks in advance for any insight.
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  3. x1Heavy

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    Mar 5, 2016
    White County, Arkansas
    Dedicated, captive or assigned runs for some people is the kiss of death. The payroll becomes frozen while everything is the same old every day and night. Some plants do not thrive in this situation, they wilt, then brown and die after a while.

    On the other hand it is a dream for some. Particularly if it is closer to home etc.

    Tell your driver to quit looking at the exceptions, run the route. If the hours of service tells him to stop and stay, that is what he will do. Either in a sleeper, at home or in a hotel. He gets 70 hours to make his money like the rest of us. And considering that some of us are too stupid to make the less money working twice what a gas station person does... in terms of hours.

    You go here. then there. Back to here. Then go there. Back to Here repeat. Either when he gets bored and sick of it in a month or when the body breaks down 50 years from now or less. It depends on how he is set up inside.

    That's one small reason I don't run for Union Companies or anything with a strict structure of runs. I am not going to wait 11 years to finally get a plum. Im moving on. Ive already found many plums in trucking and one opportunity decades ago. Im one of those people who do well going here to there but I thrive running out west in the mountains during bad weather like that to be found in winter. The solitude, lack of traffic and so on are all pluses.

    I hope your driver does well. He better not complain now that the ivory tower bosses saw fit to hand him something on a silver platter. Even though the payroll might be less. The Lord Giveth and he Takeths. You cannot have it both ways.
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  4. Chinatown

    Chinatown Road Train Member

    Aug 28, 2011
    Henderson, NV & Orient
    When I worked for YRC Logistics, I refused to bid on any runs and stayed on the extra board for the few years I was there. I was the top paid driver there even though I was way down on the seniority list.
  5. Zigzag777

    Zigzag777 Medium Load Member

    Mar 25, 2013
    Down Yonder
    He could do a lot worse than Estes. Yes line haul can be boring. If he has a family, and gets home frequently, that’s a big plus, if he’s in that situation.

    My advice is stick with it for awhile. His paycheck should be pretty regular, if he goes to the board, it could be feast or famine. It all depends on his personal situation, his age, distance to his home terminal, etc., and what he wants for a career.

    As far as weekend work, he might want to have a conversation with the terminal management. If he’s reliable, on time, and safe, they might be able to sweeten his assignment, without the drastic step of going to the load boards. The grass ain’t always greener!
  6. Evie3

    Evie3 Light Load Member

    Mar 22, 2017
    Thanks everybody for the input, I think he has been working with the person who manages the scheduling at his terminal and the terminal mgr to figure out things for himself. I don't think he's too disappointed in what he's making at this point, I think Estes is fair and pays pretty well (although he complains about how he was told they cut mileage on some routes years ago and don't pay enough for hooks and breaks in his opinion). Sometimes he gets aggravated when crap happens that wastes his time, but from reading other comments that's just part of trucking. And he's definitely not bored, I think he's enjoying the learning he is still doing all the time. I think he likes working hard. He is thinking about going owner operator at some time in the future for obvious reasons.

    Chinatown confirmed my suspicion that extraboard might actually pay higher than a set route. I guess it's a crapshoot though. I guess the thing with extraboard vs. a linehaul run is that if there is an economic downturn like was said, he might not be scheduled or they might be more likely to let him go than someone with an assigned route.

    Nothing against UPS, Fedex etc, but there is also something to be said for a company staying private, they can take a longer term perspective and don't have Wall Street breathing down their neck every 3 months. I guess the caveat to that is if you have a complete idiot or ####### take over running the company (into the ground) who isn't accountable to anyone, but fortunately it doesn't appear that is the situation at the moment. I personally think it is good to be with a company that is conservative and manages its finances well, at least if there is a downturn they are more likely to survive.

    That sure doesn't seem likely right now though. Seems like he picked the right time to go into trucking. Did you all read the article that was in Breitbart yesterday about a 20% wage raise before the end of 2019? Holy cow!:

    Largest Truck Company Predicts 20 Percent Wage Raise by End 2019 | Breitbart
  7. Radman

    Radman Road Train Member

    Apr 18, 2011
    Extraboard at any LTL makes more money cause you end up doing an extra day or only have your 34 hour restart off. Assigned bid means you are set on a schedule set days off that never change. Run never changes same miles you run everyday. Bids are generally off 2 days. Extraboard you can run the longer runs or shorter whatever they have. People take bids so they can plan life around work and will take a paycut so they can have more time off. LTL makes such good money you can still make 90k+ on a bid.
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