Question about E-logs and H.O.S

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    All these answers are a bit over the top.

    500÷10=50 mph. Dispatch speed.
    500÷11=45 mph. If slow traffic.
    500÷61=8.19 hrs. Truck speed.

    You can't do it. You don't need to be driving.

    Even through Chicago. The time and distance before and after Chicago will keep you up there about 50+ miles an hour Chicago's not that big.
    Hit it at the right time. Traffic flows about 65 mph.

    Half hour brake does not figure against the drive time. which is what he wants to know.

    just like UPS and FedEx they go out to 50 and back to 50. They do it all the time you're going out to 50 stop take a break keep going you're doing it in a straight line.

    As chalupa said.
    company has made this run before.
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