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Discussion in 'Tyson' started by Saturday, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. Saturday

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    Dec 19, 2014
    I have in application in to Tyson and I've spoken to one of the recruiters already. I haven't fully committed yet to Tyson, but I would like to ask some questions about the equipment you guys drive. For me driver comfort is one of my top priorities, so I'd like to know the following:

    1) I read that Tyson has battery APUs. Does the APU just run the heating and air, or does it do more than that?
    2) Is it true the APU will kill the truck batteries thus requiring a jump?
    3) Are the sleepers roomy? Are they at least 72 inches?
    4) Does Tyson have a policy against idling, if so is any idling permitted like to charge the batteries?
    5) How does the trucks ride? Are they rode hard and put up wet, or better maintained?
    6) I know Tyson runs an automatic fleet, but how would you judge how the transmission performs? If given an option would you trade for a manual?

    I know this feels like an interrogation, and i'm sorry. But I know a recruiters job is just to get me to orientation, so I need you guys to give me the real deal about this company.

    7) Do you personally feel Tyson is a good company to work for, or is the only thing keeping you there the pay?
    8. Do you feel the wait times to be loaded/unloaded is too excessive?
    9) Is the vast majority of your drops and pick-up's drop and hook, or is the main website a little misleading on those numbers?
    10) If I go on hometime do I really have to worry about someone driving my OTR truck while i'm gone. I guess what i'm saying do I need to clean all my stuff out of the truck each time I go on hometime?

    Thanks in advance guys.
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  3. TruckerPete1990

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    Jul 16, 2012
    Gentry Arkansas
    Our apu heat n cool that's it. If we had an idle policy I would of been fired. I idled like 3 months cuz apu was broken. They fix it this week but now heat don't work lol. Yes ppl will use your truck yes you can sit at our plants waiting for load to drop. Most plant loads have open windows like this March 9 0000 to March 10 0432. It sucks. We do not get detention time unless it's 24hours. The pay isn't keep us here as it's under the average. Create pays more lol. We get our miles long as ur not late to drops and pu. Get to them asap. The freigjtshakers are very roomy. But shift slow my Mack is small but has power. Our newer trucks have dash cams that face out and auto breaking systems. We are not aloud to use cell phones while driving not even hands free but 90% does lol
  4. Letz4wheel

    Letz4wheel Bobtail Member

    Aug 10, 2015
    A lot of your questions can't really be answered. It really all depends on which truck you get. There are volvols, freight liners, ken worthy, and jacks. Sorry if I forgot anyone lol.
    Yes the APUs are the battery operated. Mine happens to do only air. The heat comes from a espar unit. When it is broke I idle. It is broke a lot lol.
    The pay isn't the greatest but they seem to feed you all the miles you can eat.
    There is a lot of wait time at the plants. To me the wait times loading and unloading are the biggest downfalls. Needless to say chicken plants are not the most appealing places to sit.
    My truck rides well. This also depends on who had it before you. If they kept it up it will be ok. If not you're on your own. That said if you write it up they will fix it generally. They do try!
    I love the autos! I really haven't had any problems with the ones I have had.
    Yes they will use your truck when you are on time off especially if you are out of the Springdale or Russellville plants where they have a lot of local hauls. Not so much out of my house in Robards, KY.
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