Ratings of 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel

Discussion in 'Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ]' started by The Challenger, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. virgil tatro

    virgil tatro Medium Load Member

    Mar 26, 2010
    columbus montana
    The 7.3 was an excellent engine. from 99 untill they stopped using the 7.3 in 2003 was the best simply because they were intercooled.. Before 99 the 7.3 was not inter cooled, this caused a little more problems with exhaust tempurature.. but a good engine over all.. the 6.0 from 2003 to 2007 was not very good.. the 6.4 was very good but hard on fuel.. but your question was the 7.3 thats a pretty good engine, built by international/navistar...
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  3. Krooser

    Krooser Road Train Member

    Jul 25, 2010
    Ford never "bought" the design... the engines were always built by International in their engine plant. Ford simply bought the engines from IH.
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  4. kind

    kind Bobtail Member

    Jan 4, 2012
    Bonnyville, Alberta
    So? A 7.3 couldn't dream of making the power a 6.4 does... reliably. I'm not hating on a 7.3, I do like it, but a stock internal 7.3 gets eaten up at 500hp. There are many many 6.4's running around at 500hp daily with just a DPF delete. Delete the DPF and EGR and it's a great motor. Now if you just want to keep it stock then the emissions on a 6.4 do hurt fuel economy... Greatly. And a 7.3 might be a better bet, depends what model year.

    6.4's, despite looking like a nightmare to work on, and are a nightmare to work on is the best diesel Ford has had in a pickup.
  5. n1xrf

    n1xrf Light Load Member

    Jul 18, 2011
    somewhere in the USA
    We just pulled a 7.3 out of an ambulance with over 625k on it. Original motor, never overhauled. Plenty of new injectors, hpop, etc. It still runs, but the front cover is cracked, leaking diesel from the hpop.
  6. Mastertech

    Mastertech Staff Leader / Admin Staff Member Administrator

    Dec 28, 2007
    3rd Rock From The Sun.
    That's exactly right!!! You are spot on!

    OLDSKOOLERnWV Captain Redbeard

    Nov 29, 2011
    West Virginia
    We have quite a few ford trucks and international medium duty trucks with the 7.3 turbo and non-turbo engines with 400,000+ miles that are still going strong, like everything else good maintenance means a lot. The earlier model, the 6.9 was a good engine as well in my opinion. As far as ford buying the 7.3......? never happened.:biggrin_25512:

  8. apyles

    apyles Medium Load Member

    Oct 21, 2011
    I used to work at a ford dealership in high school, The entire ambulance fleet would have to get the frot radiator support replaced at least once a year, the would all crack,, and start tearing apart,,, of course they all had the turbo 7.3. I don't ever remember any motor problems just those front supports tearing apart.:yes2557: and i don't even like a ford. ( don't tell my chevy i said those good things)
  9. Krooser

    Krooser Road Train Member

    Jul 25, 2010
    I had a 6.9 in a '85 E-350 cutaway (with a 14' box)... bought it at 125k with low oil pressure for $1300.00 at a Green Bay Ford truck dealer... they didn't want to mess with it.

    I did...

    I went to NAPA and bought a new oil pressure switch and saw 50# on the gauge... up from about 10#... that truck never had much power but it ran great for several years.
  10. jacksd3

    jacksd3 Bobtail Member

    Dec 19, 2009
    Elizabethtown, KY
    7.3 IDI and 7.3 Powerstroke don't share anything but displacement. Both are great classic pickup engines. I'm trying to buy one now. Just gotta find one with a body around it that doesn't have much rot. The 6.0 is a beast for pulling and economy and emissions but an absolute nightmare for reliability. I just sold mine. It's hard to tell about the 6.4 because the production run was short. The 6.7 is too new to tell yet.
  11. lorha1159

    lorha1159 Light Load Member

    Nov 24, 2011
    virginia beach,Va
    I have a 96 f250.mines at 285k and runs like a top. Got a programmer, full 3" down pipe to straight 4", 4" air intake with a big ol filter. On 35s with the stock 3.55s in the rear. Pulls anything ive ever hooked to it, will come outta the hole well, and plenty fast enough to get me a ticket. The 94.5 to 97 are my favorite. Love that body truck and the fact i have no intercooler. Very wide open and clean under the hood ; easy to work in it.

    Now the 94.5 to 97s had 90cc injectors factory(97 cali got 120cc split shots). 99 to early 03 all had 120cc inj factory with the 99 to early 01 having factory forged rods and then on got powered metal rods. Also 00's on had the best hpop.
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