Realistic choice for new driver?

Discussion in 'Waste Removal and Garbage Truck Driver Forum' started by n14, Feb 16, 2021.

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    It can be done, but remember, many other CDL holders are after the same job. Any member on here that has achieved that, was either lucky, or lived in an area in which the path to a particular job may be easier. When you apply, there are other people more experienced applying as well, so keep that in mind
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    I know for a fact Waste Pro will train helpers to become drivers, so I'm assuming Waste Management and Republic do the same. Those are three of the biggest names in the business, but not sure if they are in your area.
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    My old company (fuel delivery) turned down a O/O applying for a company driver spot because of lack of verifiable experience.

    A few years earlier they hired me with one year of experience only doing local double bottom dumps. I don't think that they could have had a worse candidate for the job. But I got the job.
    It all depends on how badly they need a driver on the day you talk to them.
    Good luck and good timing.
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    Jul 17, 2018
    The O/O was probably like me. If you run without a DOT number many of those companies say you have no proof of experience. They say a container company will take on anyone, but I was thinking about getting on one had no way to show the proof they wanted that I had any experience. I’d owned a truck and drove it steady for 4 years. Just didn’t have a DOT number. Thankfully I had a stroke of common sense take over and I never pulled containers after they were finally able to get me on.
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    Mar 2, 2021
    I had zero trucking (no CDL) experience when a friend (did have CDL) and I started our dumpster business. I jumped right in on day one after getting my class C. The truck we had to start with was 25,999lb rated so no CDL required. Does have air brakes though. Never had any learning issues. IMO equipment operating experience would be just as beneficial to a good dumpster truck operator than pure trucking experience. The technical part is getting the dumpster where the customer wants without any property damage.

    As for hiring drivers, I’d have a hard time handing over the very expensive trucks to someone learning. Frankly, I’d need to see some experience unless I personally knew the applicant and already had trust built in which I’d probably feel confident in spending the time to do the training and them sticking around.

    If I remember correctly, insurance companies ask how many years of experience each driver has and they give rates based on that. So maybe, depending on the company, it is very costly to bring someone on with zero experience.
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