Reason Why US Xpress Cant Keep Drivers....

Discussion in 'US Xpress' started by guitar_plyr, Dec 31, 2011.

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    Yep, thats pretty much every industry in this country. Ever try customer service? Stuck in a cube, working crap hours for crap pay, crap benefits, etc...

    Not one business is different as far as I know, unless you work for yourself......... then it's even WORSE! I've worked for myself several times, including now. Tried to fire myself several times, but I just keep showing up. I keep threatening myself that if I don't get better benefits and better pay, I'm quitting. My boss (me) had the NERVE to tell me that if my production was better, I'd get better pay and vacations.

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    I hate the route solutions...Especially the ones they send you on 2 lane backroads because it is saving the company 2 miles...nevermind it is costing them more for fuel stopping at all those redlights:rolleyes:

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    Jan 3, 2011
    Iuka MS/Muscle Shoals AL
    I can't complain, I left USA to come here, but also went from solo to teams when I came here. As far as what I see it is way better, but I also make more money and have a better fm than I ever had there.

    I didn't just wanna complain without mentioning the good. The money for teams is there, but there is a lot of people that work in the office that should re-think how they try and over control things.

    Send drivers to shippers 1.5-3 hrs early(I'm sure this is because some drivers can't get there on time).

    Choosing routes and fuel stops(I get paid less than what it actually is to begin with, and then get sent on longer routes, or slower routes that cost me more money...All this again because drivers are incompetant and go 2 hours out of the way to go home on a run, or run out of fuel)

    We can't have a parts kit. A mudflap cost $60+ everytime I get one replaced. Sometimes it takes TA's up to 5 hours to get you in for that 10 minute job.(Again another example where some drivers can't replace simple parts, so everyone else has to suffer).

    Can't get extra DEF from the terminals to haul in your truck, in case you need it, or more importantly to save the company money(because some drivers sold it)

    You know what would solve every above example...FIRE THE MORONS.
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    Entrepreneur (noun) One who works 16 hour days for themselves to avoid working 8 hour days for someone else.
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    Oct 19, 2011
    I have to comment on this. I have been working for USX, OTR company driver for almost 6 months I average $640/week gross (being generous) and I am out 3-4 weeks. Wish I would have read this thread before I started with USX. One run I had was dispatched 280 miles, 365 actual with live load/unload that took a full day. made less than $90.
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    Welcome to USX and that wonderful dispatch system they have and just how well they take care of people too!!!
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    I've been driving with USXpress for about 10 months now. (2 and a half years experience all together).. Team driver, and my teammate has made it to where we go home about every 45-55 days so we can get the stay out bonus. He's quitting at the end of the month. So, i figured I'd take it as an opportunity to take a month of myself. I don't want to quit... But my question is, how would Us Xpress feel about me taking about a month+ off? Would they fire me? Or would they take me back after I took that break? Thanks.
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    Dec 25, 2010
    1st you will need to turn in the truck because you will be off for more than 7 days
    2nd IF jyou are off for 30 or more days you will have to do a rehire
    Just tell your fm you are going to take 3 weeks off
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    Jun 28, 2016
    I work for UsExpress now. If you stay out over 5 wks ( 1 day off for each week your out supposely)you get 5 days off any longer you stay out you lose those days off and you can only take 5 days off at a time not 7. I've been out otr for 60 days and you can't take off the days you want or need to. 5 days off starts on Wed till mon.and 3 days off is always Fri-mon never during the week. I'm new to this company and I agree weekend dispatchers and load planners r a joke. So is the Jake brakes on all there trks and all there trucks are automatics no stick shifters here. I haven't been here 3 months yet as of this posting but I've been in 3 different trucks so far due to freightlibers have an issue with getting stuck in reverse. never seen layover/detention pay . haven't seen reimbersment for scale tickets either. I do have an awesome day and night ( m-f) Fm they do keep me running . I'm solo Drvr. I did I've 3k miles last week. You do have to bust your butt especially with these electronic logs eat,sleep,and drive if you want to make any money with this company. They pay zip code to zip code and yes you do drive a lot of free miles as much as 20-50 free miles. If you prove you can handle the loads and miles they will give them to you .but you do have to prove yourself to your fm's like with any will have your bs each company has it .they do have great benefits though..and if you go to a term make sure you tell your FM to get you out of there's the fm's the can release you out of there or if trk needs repairs take gate pass and have them sign it when you get your keys to with any job. Its what you make of it. Good or bad and yes you will have bad days with this comp. Just like any other company. I've thought about quitting and then I ask myself do I want different bs from another comp.or stay here where I already know what there bs is and work around it. Hope this helps some
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    "Naxi Death Camps"? How dare you compare a truck terminal to a Nazi Death Camp!!! You need a psycho-analysis done! STUPID!!

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