recent grad any one know who is Hiring right now

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by trucking777, Apr 16, 2024.

  1. trucking777

    trucking777 Bobtail Member

    Sep 19, 2023
    you guys looking at wrong way western express is a clown company !!!!! dont you get it yet
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  3. bryan21384

    bryan21384 Road Train Member

    Sep 18, 2009
    Memphis, TN
    How do you know? You've never worked there......or anywhere else for that matter. All I now is, that clown company gave me my start. Now I'm in my 15th year, still trucking and happy where I'm at now.
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  4. TNSquire

    TNSquire Medium Load Member

    Oct 13, 2016
    Decatur, TN
    Maybe so, but once you know how bad things can be at times makes the great companies even better.
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  5. Jamie01

    Jamie01 Light Load Member

    Dec 13, 2020
    That 'clown company' has been in business for 33 years, had nearly $500 million in revenue in 2023, with over 3,000 power units and over 8,000 trailers. Trucking is a competitive business, and WE didn't get that big without doing something right.

    On the other hand you, as an inexperienced job applicant, can't guarantee an employer anything but high insurance costs. You might eventually prove to be a productive driver, but given how many people wash out within months or weeks of starting a driving career, the probability is that you, or any other new driver, will never be an asset. WE's business model allows for this. They'll hire unproven drivers, or even those who have proven themselves to have some issues. It seems they offset these costs by paying these drivers less, at least to start. And it works for them. And it seems to work for their thousands of employees. Unless you're convinced that they're all idiots, and only trucking777 has figured it out.

    You've been on this forum since last fall, basically making the same posts. If you had just taken a job with one of these companies you look down on, by now you'd have six months of solo experience, and your employment options would look a whole lot different. So if you're actually interested in giving this career a try, I suggest you get in gear and go for it. Good luck. I'm very glad I gave driving a try, and I hope that someday you do too.
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  6. WesternPlains

    WesternPlains Road Train Member

    Sep 1, 2017
    Look at Craigslist...
    Pilot fuel hauling might give you a shot....They're always hiring everywhere.
  7. lane674

    lane674 Bobtail Member

    Mar 19, 2019
    Any luck yet
  8. lane674

    lane674 Bobtail Member

    Mar 19, 2019
    Panther premium logistics
  9. roundhouse

    roundhouse Road Train Member

    Jul 11, 2018
    Laugh out loud .

    ####### thinks he’s gonna sue the company for some mechanic putting the wrong plate on the trailer .

    he didn’t even get a ticket . Just a warning .

    he got some views on the internet though .
    Which obviously was his main goal .

    trucking is like any other job .
    Starting out the experience is the most valuable part .

    If you had to work the first six months for free it wouldn’t be a problem .

    the CDL class at the community college near me is three months long and Costs money .

    Every school costs money.
  10. Zoltan1a

    Zoltan1a Road Train Member

    Mar 15, 2011
    Las Vegas, NV
    Everyone, just give them a call
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