Reckless driving suspension but want to continue my career

Discussion in 'LTL and Local Delivery Trucking Forum' started by rondellrandall, Nov 3, 2023.

  1. rondellrandall

    rondellrandall Bobtail Member

    Mar 6, 2022
    I was driving for cream o land for almost 2 years in a 26ft truck, I got a reckless driving in my personal life and lost my cdl for 60 days, I want to continue driving a 26ft truck when my suspension is up in 2 weeks, what jobs will I be able to get when my suspension is up in 2 weeks? Any suggestions? Talk to me!
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  3. ZVar

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    Sep 10, 2010
    Flint, MI
    None? Don't want to sound defeatist, but getting loosing a CDL for any reason in this market is almost a death sentence. Anyone that just may hire you will trash your license by pushing you to run bad equipment, over hours, etc.
    This is exactly the wrong time to lose one's license. It will be worthless until the market starts needing drivers so bad they can overlook that.

    That said, what city are you in?
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  4. Thrasher28

    Thrasher28 Heavy Load Member

    Aug 12, 2021
    Bowling Green, KY
    Do you only have a class B or class A as well? I know class B jobs tend to be a little more lenient, so you might not be doomed.

    Maybe you'd have a little more luck with a non-CDL driving job? Such as delivering medical items, furniture delivery, etc. Not sure how strict insurance is for those kind of gigs, but I imagine the applicants would probably have a worse MVR on average compared to CDL required jobs.

    FedEx contracts their route drivers -- maybe you could find someone needing a driver for a route that's willing to overlook it. Probably won't pay great though
  5. 201

    201 Road Train Member

    Apr 16, 2014
    high plains colorado
    You know, I feel bad for many of these folks, probably good drivers, with a glitch that now, due to over regulation, are drummed out. Back when life was more civil, you could talk to an employer, who was probably a worse shyster, state your case, and if you didn't kill anyone, a job was waiting. Can't do that today, and sadly, regardless of what "they" tell you, that loss of CDL will be with you for life, thanks to this wonderful contraption I'm typing on now. Nobody could tell me otherwise. Your CDL days might be over, but you may be able to transport the elderly to their many appointments. Who cares who drives the elderly around?
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  6. Concorde

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    Jun 29, 2016
    West Melbourne Florida
    You lost your CDL for 60 days because of a single offense? I suspect that wasn’t your only one?

    “Reckless driving is a criminal offense; the others are traffic infractions. Regardless, any two of these offenses (or a combination) within 3 years will result in a 60-day suspension of your CDL. Three offenses within 3 years is a basis for a 120-day suspension.”
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