Recouping Cheated Pay.

Discussion in 'Experienced Truckers' Advice' started by Slargtarg, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Slargtarg

    Slargtarg Light Load Member

    Apr 28, 2015
    This spring, I quit Magnum LTD in Fargo ND after they cheated me out of layover pay for sitting at a truck stop for 3 days.

    A senior manager promised to pay for 3 days of layover after I was left sitting without a load for 3 days. 3 weeks later (magnum at that time was on a 2-week pay holdover schedule and pay could take as long as 3 weeks to settle), I was still not payed for the entire weekend I wasted.

    After failing to get satisfaction, I promptly quit and dead-headed to their terminal in order to turn the truck in. They deducted fuel costs and I lost most of my last paycheck from a 1200 mile load in addition to loosing the layover pay.

    Do I have any recourse against these thieves at Magnum LTD?
  2. starmac

    starmac Road Train Member

    Apr 11, 2019
    Fairbanks Ak
    I doubt it. I have never worked for an outfit like that, but it is always best to wait till you are routed through a terminal, the tell them to shove it.
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  3. ZVar

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    Sep 10, 2010
    Flint, MI
    Did you get that layover pay promise in writing? Even on the qualcomm?
    If so you might have a case for that money. Otherwise kiss it goodbye.
    As for the out of route miles to dead head to the terminal, well that was likely covered in the drivers handbook and is a standing policy. If so then you will not get that money back.

    In either case the only real recourse is to either sue them and / or see if your states labor board can do anything for you.
  4. Moosetek13

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    Nov 1, 2010
    Burnsville, MN
    I foresee a job hopper just on the horizon.
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  5. x1Heavy

    x1Heavy Road Train Member

    Mar 5, 2016
    White County, Arkansas
    Money is gone, unless you can take the case to your States secretary of Commerce (Or labor etc) and submit the situation for review and see if there are actual charges that can be brought against the outfit.
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  6. mud23609

    mud23609 Medium Load Member

    Mar 9, 2015
    And they were right to deduct the fuel costs. If you had told them to route you back so you could quit they would have done so and not deducted for the fuel.

    As for the not getting paid layover. When you didn't receive it on your check did you contact them in a professional manner and see if you could resolve the issue?

    I have worked for Magnum twice on the ltl side. Never have I had them intentionally short me money. Both times when I left I gave two weeks notice and was paid all money owed to me including unused vacation and on one of those times even pay me holiday pay for new years day on my final check.

    Was my check always correct? Nope. A few times they made mistakes and a few times I messed up on my paperwork. A quick call to payroll always resolved the issue and it was fixed on my next check.

    Magnum is many things. But they are not a dishonest company.
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  7. FoolsErrand

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    Sep 15, 2017

    Probably just trashing them on TTR.
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  8. mpd240

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    Sep 17, 2011
    I've dreamed of walking off of a job when I was angry at my employer. Unfortunately I have yet to be treated bad enough. Maybe I'll be lucky enough someday.
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  9. buddyd157

    buddyd157 Road Train Member

    May 25, 2017
    New England area
    did you take out any previous advances on your pay?

    if so, that layover pay could have been washed out from what you owed them.
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  10. Slargtarg

    Slargtarg Light Load Member

    Apr 28, 2015
    Just the opposite, I had stayed with them for another year after I first thought about quitting.

    Had a bunch of other problems with them that I continued to put up with long after I shouldn’t have.

    Timing wasn’t right, and this was the final straw or brick they threw at me when I was finally ready to move on.
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