Red Hog Express? What do we know?

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    Feb 23, 2009
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    Hi guys... got a question here and need your help.

    My hubby went with Werner and started Feb 26 of this year. He is still in training but set to test out Friday. Training wasn't to bad, other then a total of down time for trucker home time and truck repair of over 3 weeks. But I guess that couldn't be helped. Oh and a pay issue a time or 2.

    Anyway, when he was at the terminal in Indy for a couple days last week he did some checking around about availability of a truck once he tested out. They told him that he would probably have a wait before getting on a truck. We sorta expected that after reading in here lol.

    However, a werner employee, (not a trucker) took him aside and told him that if he wanted to get in a truck soon to get in touch with Red Hog Express. (Omaha)

    He called them and they have offered him a job driving for them. Apparently he is an owner operator with his own fleet of 15 trucks who contracts out with Werner?

    Ok, what we need to know is what any of you guys know about Red Hog? Is this something that would be a good move for hubby? Are they really a better way of doing business with Werner?

    LOL Help! We need your knowledge.
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