Reliable Cat Engine and 386 Glider builder Please

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    If this thread is already posted I apologize. Searched it, didn't find it.
    I am planning a 386 Glider. I am looking for a reputable builder for the glider kit and a reputable builder for a cat. They do not have to be one in the same. I do not have a prefrence on the model of engine, so long as it will do what I want it to do. I do NOT have a block. Warranties that will be backed are important! I am looking for 550 hp and 1850 torque. More hp and torque is good so long as I can get a consistant 5.5 mpg - 6 mpg with an 18 speed and 11R/ 22.5's. Changing the tire size is not an option. I am NOT looking for a ticking time bomb or an engine with low longevity. Am thinking about 3.36's. The engine builder will have a lot to do with the decision on the gear ratio, but am open to any anyone's past experiecnce.
    We pull farm and construction equipment, so constantly wide and moderate to heavy wieght. Lots of Northern Iowa and Wisconsin steep grade hills. When have the room, we run 65 mph - 75 mph on the big roads and 60 mph - 65 mph on the 2 lanes. I do not treat my truck as a hot rod and only stand on the throttle because am under powered now when pulling hills or fighting head winds.
    I am on the road more times than not, so will check and reply to any responses asap. I am anxious for any info. The sooner I find the right builders the sooner I get my new truck.
    Thanks for the help.

    I will be starting a new thread on this question just to get as much info as possible, but does anyone know where I can rent a 386 for a month or so to make sure I'm ordering what want and will suit my needs. I run a '07 volvo now so the 386 is a bit of a switch and I'm thinking a longer wheelbase from 220 to 244 max. I need to get around small roads in the back woods country so turning is important. I want the longer wheelbase to hang more off the front of the trailer without hitting the truck..... Happened once.... Yes, I know.... Here's my sign.
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    Cat has any engine you can dream of , in a "crate" and ready to ship. It will be pricey but full warrantee bla bla bla. I priced a 7cz c-16 they had 2 in Illinois , glad I was sitting down when they told me the price......

    Its worth a call to your local cat dealer..........
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