Removing front Curtain rails on VNL 670?

Discussion in 'Volvo Forum' started by simonsocm, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. simonsocm

    simonsocm Bobtail Member

    Aug 17, 2019
    Anyone have any idea how to remove the front curtain rails on a 670? I’m trying to extend the factory cb coax up to the upper mount because they have no coax up there from the factory for some dumb ####ing reason. Any ideas?
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  2. nasriza

    nasriza Road Train Member

    Feb 1, 2013
    Chicago, IL
    Just pop down get a panel removal tool and insert from middle of windshield and they start popping down just clips then there is t20 forex holding clips on to put back just line them up and a good hit will pop back in place.
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