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    The situation your talking about is definitely something you can "negotiate" pay with your manager. Let him know how you feel. Tell him you did all this securement work, wasted your clock at the shipper, and then wasted hours waiting for the swap. And you lost pay for the miles you could have been putting down. You dont have to be rude about it, but at the same time stand your ground. Your worth more than that. See what he offers you. It's also making a statement to your DM. When you do these "favors" for your company, it sends a message that they can abuse you and you will just take it. It's sad, but true.

    You have to be under the mindset, there is no such thing as a "favor" for a company. They pay you for a service, and if you are doing your job they need to pay. Suggest what you feel you should get for the day of work, and see what he says. I would try for no less than $150. If he tries to chump change you, or tells you that he cant pay you anything extra for that day. Just let him know that it will be the last favor you ever do for him.

    It's kind of a mean trick dispatchers play. They see what they can get away with, and who they can abuse. Just make it very clear that if your doing work, you need to be compensated.
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    I tell you this.

    Hang in there.

    It's like sloppy seconds from dispatch to be abused this way. Do see about getting a nice fat plum run with lots of money, going to sunshine 80 degree summer weather with wine and wimmen etc. Things of that nature. Try to take the salt with the sugar and love.

    being abused is real tough. But make sure you get it back in spades from dispatcher who now owes you plenty.

    If you continue to be abused, find someone else to run for before something gets really bad.

    If someone tossed me a 20 dollar bill and MWAH for 3 hours plus of aggravation with a frozen deck load and tarp etc... Im tempted to tell that person to KMA....
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    You are there to work and you are there to make money.

    Sometimes things happen like shippers are late or trucks breakdown, etc etc. However, every day that you come into work you have to get paid. If they dispatch you to do something you must get paid.

    It would be better to talk with whoever is the manager there, because I think sometimes the dispatchers themselves get a bonus for getting certain loads moved ( or all loads?).

    The point is that if the company took the load and required you to do work in order for that load to go, then you have to get paid.

    It can seem tough when you're in that situation, but it really is kind of ridiculous. If you ask the manager to get paid, what is he going to tell you? "No I expect you to work here for free?"

    Unless they have some kind of crazy big money gravy runs that they're going to put you on for doing something like that, it just doesn't sound good.

    But you have to stand up for yourself because if you don't it will happen again and again and again. And it makes it easier for them to do it to others also.
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    Corporate culture is just a mask, a firewall, to hide behind when someones butt is in the wringer.

    Their is no law that says they can't pay you more. That is an important distinction; Law is not their rules. Now they have successfully convinced you to believe that there "corporate culture" trumps law. It doesn't. They have just set up a structure, and got you to believe in it, so they can shaft you as they please.

    In fact, the law states they have to pay you for your work and chances your state laws say that they didn't.
    Seattle? If so they didn't.

    I love that line of BS the "corporate culture" puts out. Ranks right up their with "prove yourself," "favors pay off," "the planners like to see how you run," "performance based pay," or "we love you long time."

    18 months in, it might be the time for a move even if it is horizontal. I wouldn't consider SPD horizontal.

    Either way put the meat to them before the iron cools down. Otherwise don't expect them to 'respect you in the morning.'
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    The smart working girl negotiates before the lay. After the lay, negotiations are off.
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    Ah, but when they like the lay, they will keep up the pay.

    I say make an ### out of yourself, get what you can now. Be smart about it, but an ### non the less. If nothing else but respect.

    Be in the immediate market for a new freight pimp before your freight pimp gets the idea to ##### slaps you again. They can't keep a good hoe down.
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    Werner use to do the same thing with me only I didn't think about negotiateing money.You need to put your foot down otherwise dispatch will continue to take advantage of your good nature.You received what $20.00?You should get the entire $40.00 and money for sitting.You have bills too.So get off your highhorse and tell dispatch how it's going to be.
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    Well I love what one guy said. Go pound your meat, and forget about it lol.
    Go pound your meat and remain a stooge. Unbelievable.
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    That was more of a "get a calm head before you go ape ####." Not a forget about it.
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