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    I did research on JBS carriers, and I ran the other way.
    Ripoff Report-Stayaway

    If your planning on driving for or are interested in driving for JBS
    Carriers, I strongly recommend that you stay away from this company. I
    recently left this job due to the outright incompetence that was
    demonstrated to me repeatedly by the office personel. I was told when I got
    hired that I would see at least 3000 miles per week. I was lucky if I got
    1700. Most of the time I sat in truckstops waiting for a load or
    babysitting one that I was under. The so-called driver managers that you
    work with are obsessed with getting you under a load only to have you
    sitting days to unload because the appointment is so far out. If you ask
    for layover pay you better be ready to remind them over and over and over
    to pay you for it cause payroll never ever reimburses you the 1st few times
    you tell them. I think they hope you forget about it so they don't have to
    pay you. Then if you get the joy of loading out of their greeley co plant,
    you might get in on Mon but not load till wed or Thursday. Then you get to
    sit there that whole time for free. In your truck. But don't you dare idle
    your truck to stay cool. Cause if your idle time goes over a certain
    percentage your going to lose 2 cpm. Home time? Maybe once every 6 weeks if
    your lucky. How's the pay you ask? 40cpm. Sounds good huh? To bad they pay
    you shortest route. Plus averaging 1500 miles per week makes your pay check
    pretty pathetic. Also take out all the reimbursements they forget to add on
    to your check. Need to talk to someone in the office? Good luck with that.
    Voice mail is the preferred mode of communication. Be prepared to leave a
    lot of them. Maybe someone will get back to you. Then again maybe not.
    Maybe if you use the Qualcomm. Nope same result. I can go on and on but I
    would think you got the idea by now.
    Went to work with jbs carriers that day by getting board to get two air
    flights to go from greely,co to greenbay,wi after orientation and stayed
    there till the morning hours to get truck and uipon assignments to go out
    and do what I do I have accomplihed the task but all well but one
    thing......the e-log device they had in the truck i was in, never
    worked fairly,....nor did they do anything about it in a timely way though
    i had to resort to paper lgs as i informed them and nothing was said in

    so i get a load to go to cuhady,wi for a delivery,...Note i have told them
    I have a thing with being on time pick and delivery), this was told to
    them ,...also told to them was when i leave the truck for a break the e-log
    machince does otherwise and clocks me down thus lose hours to drive,..
    thus cannot be there on time,.....i had not knowledge of the way the device
    was calibreted by time i got to my destination i was two hours out of
    driving time (in conjunction using my paper logs for reason being) and I
    was threated by cellphone (jbs) and totally direspected as I explained the
    problem and was not heard,...

    then told not to move the truck until called back,....well I was there till
    the next day and was not called back,....but suddenly called to come back
    to greenbay,wi terminal there where I was released for log
    falsification, only worked a week and was still reading their company
    rules and regulations,...........jbs was a bad deal from the start and they
    did nothing but cover-up thus finding out later they was on the bad list
    with fault for coming there.
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    Just the link would have been good
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    <Yawn> Every company has disgruntled employees. Even the best isn't good enough for some and most negatives are way overstated, especially when coming from someone who doesn't or didn't work there.
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    Sounds like a typical otr outfit.
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