Roehl Driver Check In Continued

Discussion in 'Roehl' started by Treefork, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. BIGLEE500

    BIGLEE500 Light Load Member

    Jan 8, 2012
    I left Gary last night at midnight and 80 east was backed up then too...headed to Danville drop in morning and pickup same place then 2 stops in FL, ocala then orlando
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  3. Dark Squall

    Dark Squall Medium Load Member

    Aug 11, 2013
    Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Don't know. Bad traffic. Could of gotten killed by a few idiots today.
    Get to con and there is 1 and only 1 way in. From the other direction. Go down to go round block and get trapped on a right turn only intersection. Couldn't make turn safely.
    Waited 20 mins for opening. Had to abort, turn left illegally.
    Funny, turning left was 100% safer than trying right and only took 1 min.

    I think there were record number of crashes round Chicago today.
    Everywhere was backed up today for me.
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  4. Beedubyah

    Beedubyah Light Load Member

    Dec 28, 2013
    Musta been something in the air yesterday, headed up to Tomah I ran into a back up where we crawled at less than 5 MPH for at least 30 minutes all cause some old duffer ran off the highway into the median, He didnt hit anyone or wasnt injured, but there were at least 5 state troopers, two fire trucks and an ambulance! We were on the west bound side near mm 188. Even the east bound side was backed up from all the rubber neckers! Then on the return from Tomah coming back down 90/94 just after the Wisconsin river it was backed up just because it started raining! I had my share of frustration with 4 wheelers yesterday!

    Heysunshine, have you decided to stay? Hope your mileage situation improves for you!

    Hometime now til Monday AM, pick up a relay at the Oak Creek, WI Drop yard and head back up to Green Bay to start my 12 day run. Stay safe all!
  5. Dark Squall

    Dark Squall Medium Load Member

    Aug 11, 2013
    Grand Rapids, Michigan
    On route to Walmart DC in Ohio.
    Good to see one of these loads again...
    Been about a full month.

    Got my score card today.
    Unhappy. Was operating at level 7 all quarter, up from 3.
    Down quarter. Involved in a PIP, however no preventable costs.
    OK, so I had a backing preventable, yet no preventable costs.

    Lol, these guys are the kings of having it both ways.
  6. mattfield80

    mattfield80 Light Load Member

    Jun 29, 2012
    Kernersville NC
    Got the all clear sign from recruiting and im heading up to gary on the 11th....I live in between Winston salem NC and Greensboro, NC and ill be on the Southeastern fleet. Home weekly and possibly sometimes during the week for a 10. Ive been driving since 06 and its been all home daily with weekends off so itll be different. Im just tired of the empty promises from these so called dream jobs of trucking. With two kids (ages 8 and 3 1/2) I figure its a good balance of working and supporting my family and getting home weekly.....ill need a refresher with trip planning lol, because with being home everyday, theres really no need for a trip plan. How are the trucks? Im realistic however it would be nice to get a clean truck lol. Anyone who can give more info on the southeastern fleet feel free to post. Also, anyone going up to gary for the august 11th orientation?
  7. Bayle

    Bayle Road Train Member

    Aug 30, 2007
    Cottage Grove, MN
    Scanned the last couple weeks posts farely quick, lots of #####en,don't know why y'all put up with it. Also over a month and still not reimbursed for my locks that I did turn in. Called about it, and was told some bs about payroll didn't get paperwork from maintenance, blah fricken blah. Right, whatever, I still got my copies, which I'll fax in. Flippin ripoff artists. They don't hesitate at all to deduct from your pay when you owe them something...
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  8. Dark Squall

    Dark Squall Medium Load Member

    Aug 11, 2013
    Grand Rapids, Michigan
    That bs about the locks makes me think...might be better off to keep my locks.
    I am shopping for a new employer ATM.
    Was looking into a couple. Another popped up that sparked my interest.
    Grassmid, out of Zeeland MI.
    Like their operating area, and choice of miles or percentage.
    Calling them soon to get the sales pitch.

    Shut down at con artists I55 Chicago....the Ex-TA.
    10.00 FEE per park.
  9. The OSU

    The OSU Medium Load Member

    Feb 6, 2013
    Columbus, OH
    Winchester VA unloading...soon, I hope. Preplan 400 mt to OH with 400 loaded to MO with under 20k then up to mothership for pm after 60k miles. Seems like a lot of miles on same oil doesn't it?
  10. Scott72

    Scott72 Road Train Member

    Apr 7, 2013
    Seems high yes. I change mine at 25. Thought they were doing company trucks at 40K.
  11. GoBlue487

    GoBlue487 Light Load Member

    Sep 18, 2009
    Sent you a PM last week, check your inbox if your interested
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