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    I don’t work here no more and just posted about H&M. However H&M you need at least 1 too 2 years otr exp and Ik it’s a lot of new blood on here. I worked at Royal in West Point Mississippi for about a year and a half. I loved it there but got tired of dryvan and at the time I was living in Baltimore so their flatbed wasn’t a option. They pay rookies better then most mega carriers. The training is actually training and not team driving. They pair males with males and females with females. They know you buy name and treat you with the upmost respect if you just speak to them like you have sense. I actually loved the safety department and never had any trouble. They have 2 way cameras but Ik for a fact that the only time they’ll look at the camera on you is in the event of an accident. ( trust me in that I’m sure they don’t lol or my ### would have got chewed out a couple times ) they had the same big machine/ computer thing for training the megas do. They just actually treat you like a human being. If your new definitely give them a look. They have a small terminal in villa rica Georgia with two dispatchers there a driver reward program that was real nice. I got #### to do but I’d definitely recommend them. Best of luck.
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