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    After I delivered Angola, I picked up in Rochester, NY and went to St Cloud, MN. As I was rolling through Beloit, WI, I got a text then a phone call from my dispatcher. " Hey I got a 900 mile run, that s all we got for the weekend" so I m like OK, then he proceeds to tell me he booked me a 1900 mile run from St Cloud to Winona to Sumner, WA. I was like Sweet, until he told me what the product was, and I was like Oh Boy!, and with a T series trailer.

    I made it down to Winona to pick up my load of flour. If you ever get told to go to Lawrence Warehouse in Winona, BE WARNED! This place is a royal pain in the ###. This place makes Freedman s in Chicago seem like backing into a dock on the yard. You have a railroad track, and concrete blocks right in the way when you try to get back under it. Also, you cannot park on the street in front of the warehouse. Its kind of in a residential area. You will have to park about a mile away.

    I got loaded, and made it down to Fairmont, MN and took my 10. I got up the next morning and made it to Sheridan, WY, now sitting in Spokane doing a reset since I m totally out of hours.

    It seems like our trailer ratio is a 1.5 to 1 ratio of trailer to drivers. We just bought over a 100 brand new trailers. You will see half of them going down the road, but where are the others at? I tried to swap this one out for a better one in St Cloud, Nope, all T series loaded, and 2-19 series loaded. Even in Grand Forks, you may see a few new ones, but usually they are already OOS, or already hooked up to. I know they are never any new or newer ones in Anniston or Janesville. We don t drop and hook much. So where are they? Most of the trailers going to Canada are the older ones.
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