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    Members of, I am a 24 year old member of the citycouncil of Horst aan de Maas (NL) and I want to ask for your support. Please sign the petition at , click SIGN THE PETITION HERE and vote YES to save truckruns and other activities beyond working hours. For further informations, read the text below.
    Start of a European petition

    Special position Dutch truck run drivers inadequate

    On Tuesday 24th June the Dutch Lower Chamber passed a resolution, giving Mr Eurlings (Minister of Transport and Public Works) the brief of arguing in favour of the preservation of truck runs in Europe. Measures would include exemption for Dutch lorry drivers.

    Although seemingly a solution for Dutch truck runs, drivers do not believe it to be the right solution as it does not solve the “truck run dilemma” caused by the European law governing driving hours. The minister recently had talks with four trade organisations who said this law needs to be partly changed to solve the dilemma.

    Truck runs are leisure activities, allowing thousands of mentally disabled people to enjoy a great day out driving around in lorries. European rules with regard to adapted regulations governing driving hours would put an end to these truck runs. This dilemma led Horst aan de Maas Council to set up a petition on Tuesday 3rd June. At the moment more than 13,000 Dutch sympathisers have signed the petition. According to the initiators the time is ripe to gain public support across the rest of Europe as a special position for the Netherlands is inadequate.

    Four large trade organisations for transport (EVO (Eigen Vervoerders Organisatie), TLN (Transport en Logistiek Nederland), VERN (Verenigde Eigen Rijders Nederland) and KNV (Koninklijk Nederlands Vervoer)) have declared their solidarity with Horst aan de Maas Council. They also back the initiative to enlarge the petition to include the rest of Europe. The support from other European sympathisers will strengthen the international message the council is trying to send the European parliament: in the initiators’ opinion lorry drivers should be able to combine work and leisure with a clear mind. For more information and the latest news log on to or These sites also contain links to the petition.

    For more information about this press release you can contact the public relations department of Horst aan de Maas Council, Mr H. Hendrix, tel. (077) 4779631 or (06) 12507924.
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