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Discussion in 'Experienced Truckers' Advice' started by ukdon, Apr 8, 2012.

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    Apr 10, 2012
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    If they don't have the simple courtesy, how do you think they will care if we said anything to them.

    Sometimes, they can't even speaka da English.
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    May 2, 2011
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    This guy had an expensive shower at the Pilot in Tumwater on Friday. Fueled up, pulled forward, went in and took a shower. They were trying to get the guy before the wrecker got there, but as we were pulling out, the wrecker was pulling in, and he was still blocking the fuel island.... :biggrin_25526:

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    I prefer confronting the driver himself, and try to belittle his disrespectful ###, then educate on proper TS etiquette as much as I can under the circumstances. Most of the time, if you have the driver paged, it's so busy, that those messages over the intercom go unnoticed. Unfortunately, I see a lot more drivers get mad and not say, or do anything than I do take action. More people need to speak up. If you mess with is truck, he probably won't even realize why.

    It's not even about the time that I waste waiting for them. It's the fact that they disrespect multiple people, and don't give a ####. It's me me first attitude that kills me. More people need to step up and confront those that give the rest of us a bad name.

    Also, some Flying J's have hired someone to patrol the pumps to make sure no one is holding up the pump. If you even start to leave your truck unattended, he's on you. Any decent size truck stop should be able to afford a minimum wage worker to babysit lazy truck drivers.
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    Feb 26, 2011
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    When I first started driving I was fueling in Gary, IN and a local container hauler pulled up next to me. He has his flying chicken stuck in the side of his truck (Polish) and proceeded to take 3 pee-bottles out and set them in top of the pump (garbage can is right next to it)

    So he fueled up and went inside (didn't pull up) so I politely grabbed a pee-bottle, twisted off the cap and tossed it inside his truck for him ;)

    Things we do when we are younger lol
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    Feb 26, 2011
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    On a more recent note, I had parked my truck yesterday and was walking in to take a shower. On my way in I walked in front of the fuel island and got the crap scared out of me as a driver blasted his air horn at me cuz I was in his way as he was screaming thru the fuel island. He was not getting fuel, just pulling thru at mach 5. So I stood there and just looked at him. He motioned me to move and I motioned to him that he was #1. Well he didn't like this and decided to yell out his window at me. I offered him to come out and we could talk about it but he rolled up his window and just sat there. I blew him a kiss and walked inside.
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    Had to fix it....couldn't help myself.
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    LMAO :biggrin_2559:
    wildly inappropriate and utterly hilarious! can't say as I'd stop you if I saw it happen today tho hahahaha
    I expect to be followed here by all the safety squad finger waggers, but kudos. That's funny stuff right there
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    Can you belive after my last post ( 5 days ago ) I had the reverse happen to me at the Pilot. Now let me just say that while I do speak my mind, I am polite and respectful to others. Anyway I fuel my truck and pull forward to take a leak and get my cup of coffee. I do this every morning at the same truckstop. So I come back out and stop for about a minute to talk to another driver from my fleet. Get in the truck to update my logbokk. This all takes place in about 10 to 15 tops. Anyway I hear a horn and look around for a sec. Then I see this flatbed driver get out of his truck behind me and stand on his top step. Looking at me with his stern flatbedder stare! Well Hells No my inner self say unto me and I jump out and walk back to him. I must admit that I was ready to do whatever ( nobody canever call me a hypocrite ) Anyway, I tell this dude WTF and he says I am slowing down the line.

    You see most people only see what THEY want to see. From their perspective. I was slowing him down. I know that this guy either didn't fuel or did fuel and is in a hurry to get out of the lot so he is now rushing me. So anyway back to the story. So this guy starts to roll his eyes while I start talking my trash talk. He did not want to come off the top step but I think he kinda figured he didn't want this to turn out to be a long day. Honestly he probably would have kicked the turd outta me but I think he realized he was wrong in rushing me and let me get back to my truck with little delay.

    You know another thing is how you approach someone in this situation. I have been behind people when I was in a rush as well. Now I don't know about this dudes day ahead of me. Is he done for the day? Did he just start? Was it a day from hell for him? I try to just ask in a friendly tone if he is finished ( after waiting 15 min ). Anyway that's my rant.
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    I learned long ago to not take life so seriously. Your born and you die, what happens in between those 2 things is just a joy ride, so enjoy it and not worry about every little thing.

    That driver was just in a hurry, and in the end he got where he was going....and in the end of it ALL, nobody will remember him getting there or who he was. We all are just little ants moving about a planet that is millions of years old.
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