Schneider National Is Really Bad

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    When you are driving,it is your choice in driving in bad weather.

    Slow down even if at a crawl. Drive the speed you feel safe at and find a place to park.

    A friend of mine years ago was doing about 5mph in trkstp stop and started to make a turn.

    Front end started to slide and he slid into a pole.

    Company nailed him for driving to fast for conditions.

    Sounds bad but he did agree with them.

    He let it get away from hom even at 5 mph
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    Sep 19, 2007
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    Schneider also tells their drivers that they won't fire a driver for having an accident, but they'll fire a driver in a heartbeat if they have an accident and don't report it.
    Keeping that in mind, ............ I offer the flip side of the coin.

    While I was a driver trainer for Schneider I had occasion to be directed to a remote repair facility on a rural road. Because the facility was crowded I parked across the street and walked across the road to talk with the mechanic about some brake issues I had on an empty trailer I had just picked up.

    The repairs were rather simple so the mechanic repaired the brake problem where I was parked. Upon completion of the repairs, the mechanic watched for traffic while I made a U-turn because to continue in the direction I was pointed it would have been several miles before there was another chance to get turned around.

    A day or so later, my dispatcher questioned why I hadn't reported the accident I had. The claim was that I had hit a sign. I was not aware of any sign I may have hit, but my job was on the line pending an investigation. The investigation reveled that the sign the business across the street from the repair facility claimed I had hit and damaged had, in fact, been hit many times and showed prior damage. It was also determined that the sign was lower than the required 13' 6", by law.
    Further investigation discovered that the business had collected thousands of dollars in insurance claims from various truckin' companies who just paid, no questions asked, which led to another investigation by the insurance companies involved. As it turned out, the sign in question had been supplied free of any charge by the company who's product it advertised and the business sold.

    As the sign was old and damaged, and never replaced with the insurance claims, and the advertising company would have replaced said sign free of charge just for the asking, the business was charged with insurance fraud and ordered to repay the insurance companies that were billed, including heavy court penalties. The business was also ordered to raise the sign to the legal height, opening the doors for lawsuits for damage(s) to any equipment damaged by hitting the sign.
    It was clearly a trap to collect money from insurance companies.

    Seems that business messed with the wrong Big truck truckin' company when they accused a Schneider driver of hitting their too low sign.
    Schneider doesn't investigate?
    That ain't MY experience.:biggrin_25512:

    Would Schneider use an accident to be rid of a less than desirable driver?
    We've read the accounts from one side, --- the driver's.
    Sure would be nice to read Schneider's side of the story.

    Another thing ------
    I accepted a newBee who had been blown off an icy road by a Billy Big-Rigger in Pennsylvania, causing her to crash and nearly go over a steep embankment, which caused her to lose her nerve it scared her so badly. Schneider didn't fire her either. Instead they invested additional time and training by allowing me to have her attend Fox Valley's skid pad training. Schneider even arranged for me to experience the skid pad, per our agreement prior to taking her.
    It was a win-win situation for both of us. And I'm happy to report the trainee overcame her fears as a direct result of attending the skid pad training.

    Does that sound like a bad company?
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    You have touched on one of my pet peeves, Drivers not knowing the weather conditions they are driving into. I cannot count the number of drivers I have spoke to that have no clue what the weather is just down the road. If you were driving in snow/ice and put it in a ditch most often than not it will be judged preventable.

    Always know what the weather is in front of you, turn off the music and listen to the weather channel or better yet look on the internet before you leave for any adverse conditions.
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    This is NOT rocket science !!!!

    However, many drivers now wear sandals, because they can't find those vel-cro tennis shoes.

    What does that tell you ???
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    Come on dude, ya know theres gotta be reruns of Bonanza or Rockford Files on too............
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    It's a wonder that they didn't get you for making a Uturn. LOL:biggrin_2559:
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    +1 :biggrin_2559:
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    Actually, ....................., technically, ............ :toothy3:
    It was more of a J-turn :Road::Driver: than it was a U-turn.:smt037
    I just told dispatch "I turned around", .......:smt083
    and let them draw their own conclusion. :biggrin_25525:

    Sometimes we say more when
    we say nothin'
    :silent: at all. :smt036

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    Look at the INFO in his post .

    Happened 5 years ago , but suddenly he signs up / signs on and very first post is to FLAME a company he supposedly worked for.

    Good chance ( 99% ) hes never worked at SNI or even been in a class 8 tractor as a passenger.
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    sounds more like he has been fighting it for 5 years and when he didnt get the result he was hoping for he sought out a place to vent his frustration. I started my driving career almost 11 years ago with schneider tank division. they do safety train ya to death but I wouldnt trade that foundation for anything!
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