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Discussion in 'Schneider' started by wa6ems, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. wa6ems

    wa6ems Bobtail Member

    Sep 9, 2012
    La Pine, Oregon
    Any one currently working in western regional. Can tell me how it is I l live in central oregon and was considering signing on. Also where would u go for orientation for dry van hauling in western regional. Also what type of pay do you all get. And do you guys get to take the truck home. Any info is appreciated

    I'm been trying to do my research and figure out what would be a good company to work for. I have a couple months of experience.

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  3. TheTruckersWife

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    Oct 8, 2018
    Hello Wa6ems,

    Husband started driving for Schneider about 60 days ago now, so here's what I can tell you so far. He has been on the Western Regional run as of late, and is usually stuck driving the LA, Vegas, Denver triangle. Rarely does he get through Phoenix, down to TX, NM, etc. Went up to the northern border of Oregon last week, and has been making his way back down through Denver, etc.

    The truck he's in doesn't idle if it is 20 degrees or higher - (shuts off every 5 minutes), and no APU, so he's been spending some fairly cold ### nights in the truck (No APU).

    His pay was .42, now it's .40 - working on figuring that one out, but it could be because they put him as a Regional driver which was pointed out to me may have a different pay scale. Your mileage may vary.

    All that being said, the miles have been consistent and fair. If the truck wasn't goverend at 60 he could probably do a bit more than he does, but right now he's averaging about 2k - 2.2k miles per week. I think for a total rookie, that's pretty good.

    He hates driving up the Grapevine and through the mountains of Denver, but I don't think it is that pleasurable for anyone and since it sounds like you're already in the Western Region with experience, you already know pretty much what you're in for.

    I'm not sure where you would be sent for Orientation - we're based out of Phoenix so he didn't even really have to travel or do the hotel thing for that portion, which was nice.

    Time at home is when he requests it mostly. It was explained to us that three weeks out will get you three days home, five out gives you five at home - but you'll have to request that time off or else they'll keep you on the road as long as you can stand it.

    No, you do not get to take the truck home. If you're out for five days your truck will possibly be re-assigned to someone else and you'll end up in a different truck, otherwise that's your truck until told otherwise.

    Overall, the company has been fair, and the only complaint has been either sleeping out in the freezing cold or sweltering heat due to the idle shut-off and no APU, very little in the way of creature comforts for drivers. I imagine a LOT of the starter companies are like that though.
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  4. SteerTire

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    Nov 5, 2018
    Behind the wheel
    Your husband has a bunk heater. Schneider has them in every truck. They do not require the engine to run.

    If his is broken, he needs to be routed in for repairs. Schneider used to be good about providing hotel rooms for drivers when heating/cooling systems went out. I would have him ask about it. Freezing to death is not considered a company benefit, I would think.
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  5. softail

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    Nov 3, 2012
    The Great Pacific NW
    I worked Western 11 for 18 months with Schneider before moving to local fuel hauling. Your orientation will be at the Phoenix OC. They will put you in a hotel and will be busses back and forth to and from the OC. I paid for my flight and own room in Ontario. Schneider reimbursed me. Keep your receipts. I spent most of my time in CA, NV, OR and WA. You don’t need everything in their packing list. While with the trainer for the week, we stayed in a hotel every night. Not sure on the pay anymore. Your recruiter will have that info.
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