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Discussion in 'USF Glen Moore' started by White Lightning, Jul 6, 2006.

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    Dec 15, 2008
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    I sent them a resume to and never heard anything. I am laid off and happen to call the 1 800 number and talked to matt and he said they are putting some on. I dont know how true it is but he said they dont over hire so the national solo guys can get the miles but of course you dont know what to believe. I am going to try it and hope for the best unless someone can tell me something bad i need to know about.
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    USf has gone done the crapper since the first post was put in. They have screwed me since I started with them in August of last year. I run SE regional (HAHA) out of Knoxville. I haven't been home in three weeks and I haven't been in the south once since I left home. My B*^&% of a dispatcher Comes up with this there is no magic load to get you home. They didn't get me home for Thanksgiving, Easter and got me home at 5 in the afternoon Christmas day. They tell you get home every weekend then when you start to work, they say, they have changed policy and willtry to get you home every 6 days and only for 34 hours. I gave them 3 weeks notice of my wifes planned C-section, I was 200 miles from the house and she sent me the other way to get a load she told me I could drop in the yard and then head home, the day before. When I was under the load, she said oh I am sorry I changed my mine. The only reason I am staying, is the insurance is good and I am waiting for things to pick up.

    Someone posted about being laid off from Yellow, Glen Moore in Knoxville just started to hire. They haven't hired anybody since way before Christmas, the yard is loaded with trucks.
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