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Discussion in 'Seek Employment' started by lmwk14, Jul 10, 2022.

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    Dec 16, 2014
    Hi if anyone has a truck sitting and willing to put on a older driver please get back to me. I am working now for a company in Tampa (I'm a full timer RVer) since February hauling Dry Van. I did take off 1 month and went to NH with my camper. Now that I'm back they informed me that rates are crashing they won't be paying deadhead if less than 50 mile. That's not ok with me. I've had Class A since 1985 Class B 10yrs before that. Most of my experience is on 10/wheelers Triaxle Dump Trailer some Lowbed in Boston area. I'm old school I learned from Dad. Also bought a Mack Dm 800 w/18sp Quad Box from him. I sold that moved to CA got my Class A on Truck and pup dump around 1985. Did Frameless Dump Trailer out there for awhile. Around 1990 I bought a Western Star and leased on with Daily Express. (Flatbed) in Carlisle PA for a Year but slow freight back then so I sign on to Central Transport in Michigan for awhile drop and hook linehaul. And so on.... My problem now is I've been semi retired for the last 5/6yrs working part time driving dump trucks in NH so I don't have "Verifiable Experience " paper trail. So if you have a truck and Application isn't as long as a mortgage please let me know. I'm looking for Dry Van running daytime up to 9pmish. No driving loading or unloading at night so I need someone that can work with that. I don't need a lot of hometime can reset on road stay out 4/6 weeks. No 1099 some benefits would be nice but not a deal breaker. Thank you
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