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Discussion in 'Old Dominion' started by Lazy, Aug 16, 2022.

  1. Lazy

    Lazy Light Load Member

    Jun 26, 2018
    currently working on the oilfield sand hauling, if it doesnt shape up soon i will be forced to explore other options... With that said ive been looking into old dominion for a local route here in kernersville NC. according to indeed i have not seen anyone post that they got paid horribly, or the general pay was bad which is good to hear. But just like with all places, reviews are mixed about, work life, management, dispatch and whatever else.

    Hoping i could hear some more personal eperiences working at OD to give me a better idea of whats its like, regardless of where you are located. But if any kernersville drivers are here that would be great
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  3. DoinTheLife

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    Jul 29, 2022
    Hi! I work out of Kernesville(KNC). Sadly, we just had a rebid on line haul and only thing left was shuttle.(Shuttle trailers between GBO and KNC). The new opening(shuttle) has been taken by a new 'dock to driver' guy. I don't think we have any openings now, and Greensboro is not hiring right now either.
    HI! I work out of KNC(Kernersville). Just heads up, we just had a rebid for an opening for line haul and it has been filled by a 'dock to driver' guy. I switched over from GBO to KNC when they opened up and got very lucky as all I had to do was shuttle for 3 months before we added on 2 more runs. Trust me, you DON'T want shuttle! Sure, I did short hauls(90-120 miles) maybe 2-3 times a week, but you are on the clock and was going home after 6-7 hours. I bit the bullet and dealt with it until they opened something up. The newer shuttle guys aren't getting many hours and not alot of short hauls, as the 'wild turn' guys have to get a few miles in each week. If you are wanting to get into Line Haul, it's best to try GBO(which, last I checked they aren't hiring) or just go on to Estes. Only thing I don't like about OD is it will tkae you a while to get off of the 3-2/5 day wild board and onto an actual turn where you're home every night. 3-2/5 day wild board all you do is spend all that time in the northeast! I know Estes woun't take you as long to get a turn where you are home every day/night. If you are looking at P&D, then I don't know about that side of things. Don't even know if that side is hiring or not. I don't get on here that much, but KNC has been pretty laid back, so far, other than a few things for guys that have been here for awhile and not being told how things are run at KNC as opposed to GBO. It'd be nice to know! Good luck!
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