Shipper/receiver telling you to turn off your truck to get loaded

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  1. a lot of times will compromise if you do the Walmart thing and drop your trailer and pull forward the let you idle I've been to places like that if you want to idle drop your trailer pull forward a little bit will let you know when you're loaded. .
    some the city or municipality ordinance...many times when you can't I though you might find that there's a nice break room or a driver waiting area where you have to stay...
    lot of times they'll if you tell him you have a California certified clean idle truck most don't say much but if you come rolling in their rolling coal in 3406 smoking up the whole place well sorry pal.
    unfortunately through the years have been many DMFs pulled away assuming that the thing was done that we know what happens when you assume things..
    I have a place I load at where they tell you that too if you want to idle just pull away from your trailer a little bit
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  2. buddyd157

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    May 25, 2017
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    lol...truck drivers noticing


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    I was told one of our drivers was in a hurry and pulled away on a Red Dock Light and was fired. So they used to let us idle but now I have to hand them my key.

    They did said I could go sit in their break room though so I just take my tablet with me.
  4. MGE Dawn

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    And then you have me, idling the truck for the A/C if necessary. Haven't had a customer complain about it JUST yet
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    Walk down driver side, close that door, walk sideways (with bad peripheral vision or a phone to your face) and close the passenger side. Forklift and driver inside, drive away.

    Loading/unloading at night without good dock lighting, forklift with bad/no lights, it'll be pitch black in there.
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    They may have neighbors that complain about the noise of idling trucks. Or, "no idling trucks" may be their attempt to minimize chance of truck pulling away from dock with forklift trucks running in and out. Forklift drivers have died while rolling out of the trailer and hitting their heads on the pavement.
  7. tscottme

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    Yes, you are lucky or never have visited the Northeast.
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  8. meechyaboy

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    Oct 4, 2018
    I was at Dow for a tanker and once your parked they make you give them your key and get out then they walk you all the way to the other side of the plant to the lunch room and they come and get you when they’re done. Guy said they had drivers fall asleep and wake up and pulled off.
  9. yes indeed sounds comical but it's true it's sad it's pathetic and it happens more than you can imagine...ever going to some shipping and receiving offices and save make sure truck dock lock is locked and there's a picture of some kind of a follie or f up
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    About 20 years ago I was unloading trailers and went for a ride. All the way to the other side of the yard and parked lol.
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